Canadian Made Tools

We’re working on bringing you more great Canadian made tools. If you have any submission ideas please let us know.


De Boer Tool- Canadian Made Tools
For 10 years De Boer Tool has been one of Canada’s premier round tooling companies. They produce every variety and size of various drill bits you could ever want. If you need any drill bits check out their online store.

Garant – Canadian Made Tools

Founded in 1895 in Saint-François-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud, Québec. They are the largest manufacturer of non-powered landscape and gardening tools, construction tools, striking tools, snow removal implements and accessories in Canada. Their furnaces are being used in Saint-François, and their saws are still running in Woodstock, New Brunswick. These Canadian made tools can be found in a variety of retailers including: home hardware (our recommendation), or Canadian Tire (not featured on our site, we didn’t feel it deserved to make the cut even though it has the name working for it).

Gray Tools – Canadian Made Tools

Founded in 1912 in Toronto , they are now headquartered in Brampton, Ontario producing Canadian made tools. All manufacturing is also done in Brampton and they employ approx. 60 people (as of 2013). They’re branching out and have created a lower end tool-set under the Dynamic Tools brand, to our disliking these are produced overseas. Hopefully Gray Tools remain to be made in Canada, we’ll be keeping a close eye to make sure. If you purchase tools let them know you appreciate that they still manufacture in Canada.

Juniper BBQ Scraper – Canadian Made BBQ Scrapers

They produce handcrafted Canadian BBQ scrapers made from Juniper. This wood is locally sourced and hand-crafted in Newfoundland. Also they’re a family owned business.

Lee Valley Tools – Canadian Made Tools (some)

Founded in 1978 Lee Valley is a tools retailer specializing in wood-working. Almost 1/3 of their tools sold are of their own designs from their manufacturing arm Veritas Tools (also a Canadian company and manufactured in Canada. We could have featured them on this list as well but decided this covered things).

Picquic – Canadian Made Tools

Founded in 1988 and manufactured solely in Canada they produce one of the most recognized multi-bit screwdrivers in Canada. They’re found in all major retailers but our recommendation would be to buy at Home Hardware if you can’t find any local businesses that carry these.