Canadian Restaurant Chains

Restaurants are an interesting category for us since food is almost always made inside the restaurant making them all made in Canada. Supporting your local eateries is always a great choice but if you’re needing more variety or are out on the road we’ve compiled a list of restaurant chains which are Canadian founded, and Canadian owned.

241 Pizza – Canadian Made Pizza

Specializing in Pizza Delivery in Toronto, as well as in cities in Ontario, Newfoundland, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Their first restaurant opened in Toronto in 1986 and has continued growing ever since.

A&W – Canadian Restaurant Chain

In 1956 the first A&W drive-in restaurant opened in Winnipeg. Being known for their famous A&W Root Beer in frosted mugs, they quickly multiplied across the nation, flourishing through the late 50’s and 60’s. Today they are still known for their Root Beer and are spread across Canada from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland. Not that I should have to mention this but it is a fast food burger joint.

Baton Rouge – Canadian Steakhouse and Bar

Baton Rouge is best known for their baby back ribs and sterling silver steaks. They are a Canadian restaurant chain with locations all across southern Ontario and Quebec. It was originally founded in Laval Quebec in 1992. The chain is owned by MTY Food Group (a Canadian franchisor and operator with over 70 brands).

BeaverTails – Canadian Made Pastry

BeaverTails is a Canadian owned and operated pastry stands with locations across Canada.  Their signature products are fried dough pastries, hand stretched to resemble beaver’s tails. The chain originated in Killaloe, Ontario in 1978 and opened its first permanent store in Ottawa two years later. By 2018 they had 140 locations in 6 different countries.

Ben & Florentine – Canadian Restaurant Chain

Ben & Florentine is a Canadian breakfast and lunch restaurant chain. They serve around 2.5 million customers per year. Each Ben & Florentine restaurant is owned individually as a franchise. They were founded in 2008 in Saint-Laurent, Quebec and the first restaurant opened in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec. They now operate locations in Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba.

Big Smoke Burger – Canadian Burger Restaurant

Founded in 2007, originally going by the name of Craft Burger. It is headquartered in Toronto Ontario. There are locations in Canada, the United States, and the Middle East.

“MTY Food Group paid $3 million to acquire 60% of Big Smoke Burger. Big Smoke founder and president Mustafa Yusuf retained the remaining 40% of the company.” –

Booster Juice – Canadian Restaurant Chain

The first Booster Juice location opened in Sherwood Park Alberta, in November 1999. They make juices and smoothies. In their first year, 15 locations were opened, and by the next 35, more were added. 50 stores in two years is considered a Canadian Franchise Record for store openings from inception. Today, there are more than 350 locations around the world. This is a favourite of ours and we’re there at least weekly.

Boston Pizza – Canadian Restaurant Chain

The first Boston Pizza location opened in Edmonton, Alberta in 1964 by Gus Agioritis. At that time it was under the name “Boston Pizza and Spaghetti House”. Over the first 32 years they grew to 100 locations, today there are over 400. In 1983 it was purchased by Dragon’s Den’s Jim Trevling.

Browns SocialHouse – Canadian Restaurant and Bar Chain

Browns SocialHouse is a Canadian-owned premium restaurant chain. They have locations in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. The chain is owned by Scott Morison, who lives with his family in Vancouver BC.

Cactus Club Cafe

Cactus Club Cafe is a Canadian-owned premium restaurant chain which began in Vancouver, British Columbia. The chain now has over 31 locations in Canada, and can be found in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario.

Recipe Unlimited – Canadian Restaurant Chain

Formerly known as Cara Operations, Recipe Unlimited was founded in 1889 as The Canada Railway News Company, selling: newspapers, magazines and confectionaries to the traveling public. Throughout the years Cara Operations changed, and in 1954 opened their very first Swiss Chalet in Toronto. Now they are the owners of multiple restaurants which include: Swiss Chalet, Montana’s, Harvey’s, Fionn MacCool’s, East Side Mario’s, Kelsey’s, Milestone’s, New York Fries, St-Hubert, Original Joe’s, State & Main, Elephant & Castle, Casey’s, and Bier Market.

Chez Ashton – Canadian Poutine Restaurant

Chez Ashton is a fast-food restaurant which is popular in Quebec. They are most known for their poutine. It all began in 1969 and has since grown to over 25 locations in Quebec.

“Chez Ashton is also famous for its winter promotion scheme during the month of January. The price of poutine drops with the temperature. If the temperature is −30 °C (−22 °F), the customer receives a 30% discount on poutine.” (“A look at some international fast casual concepts” 2014-08-05. Retrieved 2016-11-08.)

Coffee Time – Canadian Coffee and Restaurant

Coffee Time began in Bolton, Ontario in 1982. Since that time it has even expanded outside of Canada to Greece, Qatar and Kandahar. It is owned by Chairman’s Brands which operate out of Scarborough Ontario.

“At Coffee Time, we deliver that perfect cup of coffee along with delicious specialty drink such as cappuccinos, iced coffees and smoothies. We also offer all-day breakfast, baked goods prepared onsite, hearty soups, and fresh sandwiches.”

Cora – Canadian Breakfast/Lunch Restaurant Chain

Chez Cora was founded in 1987 by Cora Tsouflidou in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They now have over 50 franchises in Quebec and over 130 across the rest of Canada. They are well known for their breakfast and lunch menus.

“Combining fruit, cheese, cereal, omelettes, crepes and French toast, culinary magician Cora started a whole new breakfast concept in Quebec. Since opening her first restaurant, Cora has changed the eating habits of an entire generation.”

Crabby Joe’s Tap & Grill – Canadian Restaurant Chain

“Crabby Joe’s Bar • Grill is a modern, casual dine-in restaurant with a focus on high quality and great value. With attention on sports and humour, Crabby Joe’s provides a perfect environment for friends, families and sports fans looking for the best possible dining experience.”

Crabby Joe’s began in 1996. Since then it has expanded to 28 locations across Ontario.

C-Lovers Fish & Chips

C-Lovers Fish & Chips are a Canadian restaurant serving fish and chips across Western Canada. It was founded in 1984 in Coquitlam British Columbia.

“C-Lovers focuses solely on superior food quality, exceptional down to earth service, and prices that represent exceptional value for our guests. Our modern family friendly atmosphere appeals to a multitude of loyal customers, whether its friends and family or the local business professionals.”

Dic Ann’s Hamburgers – Canadian Burger Joint

Dick Ann’s Hamburgers was founded by Dominic “Dick” Potenza who immigrated to Montreal from the United States. Once there he opened the first burger shack in 1954. Since that time Dic Ann’s Hamburgers has expanded to locations across Quebec.

Earls – Canadian Restaurant Chain

Leroy Earl “Bus” Fuller (1928–2019), founded Earls in Edmonton in 1982. Fuller and his family immigrated to Canada in the late 1050s from the United States. Today Earls has locations throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, and Ontario.

“The tradition of Earls is centered on dishes that make people want to come back for more: house-made sauces, locally-sourced ingredients, and now, innovative chef-led experiments that are getting the industry’s attention through the Earls Chef Collective.”

East Side Mario’s – Canadian Restaurant Chain

East Side Mario’s features Italian-American cuisine and is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario. The majority of their 85 locations are in Eastern Canada. East Side Mario’s is owned by Recipe Unlimited (a Canadian holding company which operates several restaurants).

Edo Japan – Canadian Fast Food Chain

“Edo Japan was born of community four decades ago in Calgary, serving teppan-style teriyaki meals with a signature sauce. Today we continue to enrich communities where we live. We’ve grown to over 130 locations across Canada serving fresh choices, fresh made and fresh to go.”

The first Edo Japan began in Calgary back in 1979. You can find locations in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec.

Eggsquis – Canadian Breakfast Chain

Eggsquis is a breakfast and brunch restaurant chain with 43 locations in Ontario and Quebec. They were founded in 1995.

Freshii – Canadian Restaurant Chain

Mr. Mikes Steakhouse – Canadian Steakhouse

Founded in 1960 in Vancouver BC they are a Canadian owned casual dining steakhouse with locations throughout Western Canada. We just had one open up near us and will have to give it a try!

Obsidian Group – Canadian Restaurant Chain

The Obsidian Group operates 4 different restaurant chains, mostly in Ontario. These include: Crabby Joe’s Bar and Grill, Coffee Culture Cafe and Eatery, Union Burger, and Chuck’s Roadhouse Bar and Grill.

Original Joe’s – Canadian Restaurant and Bar Chain

Original Joe’s is owned and operated by FranWorks Group of Companies, an Alberta-based multi-brand restaurant, hospitality, retail and related services company. They have locations in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Panago Pizza – Canadian Made Pizza

Panago Pizza is a takeout/delivery pizza place, founded in Abbotsford BC, and is a Canadian owned and operated chain. They offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. They have 200 restaurants throughout BC, Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Newfoundland.

Pita Pit – Canadian Restaurant Chain

Pita Pit believes in focusing on healthy wraps and pitas. They began in Kingston, Ontario in 1995 and have grown to over 650 restaurants worldwide.  Each one is owner operated and one more reason to support them.

Whitespot – Canadian Restaurant Chain

Whitespot started in 1928 serving food out of a model T. Locations throughout British Columbia and Alberta.