Reasons to Buy Made in Canada

Why buy products made in Canada? Well there are many, some are obvious, and perhaps others are not so apparent. We’ve broken it down for anyone who needs further convincing on why buying made in Canada is great for our country. Check out our list of made in Canada products to help change your buying habits to benefit the country!

1. Support Canadian Economy

2. Support Canadian Workers and Families

Reasons one and two are so inter-related I could not go into either without touching on the other. At the same time they’re both so important to the made in Canada movement that they each deserved to be mentioned in their own right in the list.

Your purchasing decisions matter, the economic spin-offs trickle down throughout the entire Canadian economy. Your purchase of a good made in Canada directly increases jobs within Canada. Managers, designers, to the labourers are all employed based on your purchasing designs in Canada. These jobs help bring in tax dollars to the economy for public services but in addition to that these high-paying jobs provide Canadians with disposable income to also spend throughout the economy as well. This further enhances employment, boosts the economy, and helps Canadian families.

3. Quality

While there is a certain level of automation throughout many industries the vast majority of products made in Canada are hand-made. A company having direct oversight of their own manufacturing process can ensure their products are of a high-standard. Outsourcing production overseas typically does not have enough oversight to maintain quality, especially by the founding managers who have the most passion for their products.

4. Health Conscious

Canadian business are health conscious. Typically they look for alternative ways in the manufacturing process where they can do things in a more natural way. Many of the leather products made in Canada use natural ingredients for tanning and treating, many of the cleaners are natural, cosmetics are often made without harmful chemicals, these are just some of many examples of ways Canadian companies do things differently to help keep us healthy.

5. Environmentally Conscious

This is something that wasn’t immediately apparent but after researching the topic of Canadian Made for as long as I have you become aware that the majority of Canadian companies are very environmentally conscious. They’ve come up with some pretty innovative concepts when it comes to packaging, transporting goods, manufacturing, and just day-to-day operations.

This benefit to the environment is also compounded by the fact that the products you purchase do not need to travel around the globe to make it to you.

6. Giving Back to the Local Communities

Businesses donating is not something new but something to be aware of is that businesses are more likely to donate within their local communities or at least within their country. By buying products made in Canada you indirectly support these local charities within your own community.

7. Ethical Business Practices

Canadian labour laws and business laws are very strict and keep everyone on a fair playing field. Laws and labour practices in the developing world are not to the same standard and put these people at risk. By buying goods made in Canada you can put your mind at ease knowing that your product was made by a Canadian who was treated fairly, safely, and compensated fairly for their work.

8. Patriotism

Canadian Patriotism is not something we Canadian’s are known for. I would describe it more as an almost silent patriotism. We love our country, we just don’t always go around flaunting it. Buying made in Canada certainly invokes that feeling of patriotism, knowing that your product choices are making a difference. People may think on an individual level it doesn’t amount to much, but I would argue it makes a massive difference. I’d liken it to saving: while saving a dollar may not amount to much, saving a dollar everyday over decades, invested, provides a decent return. Buying Canadian made products over and over throughout your entire life provides a massive boost to Canada and WE do make a difference.