Pet Treats Made in Canada

If you’re looking for Canadian made pet treats this is the right place to find them.

Tricks to Find Who Makes their Own Pet Food/Treats

“If the package says “made for”, “produced for”, distributed by”, or “distributed under licence by” it’s a marketing brand, produced under contract as a private label. That means the company that owns the brand didn’t actually produce the food – it just markets it.

If the package says “made by” or “produced by”, you’ve found an authentic pet food. The company that owns the pet food brand is the same company that produced the food itself. We always suggest you contact a pet food representative to confirm where the food is made.”

This useful information was found on Acana’s website and I thought it was useful to share.


Acana – Canadian Made Dog and Cat Treats

Acana produces treats made in Canada for dogs and cats. They have their own kitchen where they use locally sourced ingredients to produce their dog and cat treats. They use biologically appropriate ingredients to ensure our pets stay as healthy as possible. Visit their website for a list of local pet stores to you, they are sold almost everywhere. Acana is owned by Champions Pet Foods and is based out of Edmonton Alberta.

Amore Pet Foods – Canadian Made Dog and Cat Treats

Amore Pet Foods produce a number of products; raw dog and cat food, raw dehydrated dog and cat food, and treats made in Canada from their facility in Burnaby British Columbia.

“All meats are bought whole from the farm. We only use one supplier for each protein source. We do not buy any meat that has been pre-ground. We want to see the quality and fat content of the meat so we grind it ourselves. If there’s too much fat we take it out!”

Buy directly from their shop in Burnaby or their online store.

Boreal Pet Foods – Canadian Made Dog and Cat Treats

Boreal Pet Foods produces dog and cat treats and foods made in Canada. They focus on low-glycemic, meat-rich diets to support healthy pets.

When it comes to their food make sure you buy the Canadian-made versions. I’ll explain: they have two lines of canned foods – Canadian-made lineup of Cobb Chicken, Heritage Turkey, Canadian Duck, Atlantic Salmon, Angus Beef and NZ Lamb. The Red Meat Tuna line is from Thailand.

Visit their website and use their store locator to find a location nearest you.

Carna4 – Canadian Made Pet Treats

Carna4 uses 100% real food recipes that contain no synthetics of any kind, not even the vitamin pre-mixes found in most pet foods. Made in Canada, they test every batch for safety before it goes to market. They are proud to work with other family operations who also believe in sustainability, a drug-free food chain, and non-GMO, humane farming practices. One of our dogs eats the Grain Free Duck and loves it, and we love how it has helped her dry skin.

CoatBooster – Canadian Made Dog Treats

CoatBooster are makers of the AWOL beef liver dog treats. These dog treats are made with 100% Canadian beef liver and come in a few different flavours. CoatBooster is a Canadian owned family business. Visit their website to find a local pet store that carries their products (found in provinces west of Ontario).

Crumps’ Naturals – Canadian Made Dog and Cat Treats

Crumps’ Naturals was founded in 2006 by a couple out of their garage. All their products are now produced in their industry compliant facility in Canada. They’ve since expanded and now have over 150 employees. It all started with an emphasis on single-ingredient healthy dog treats, the product line has since grown to include training treats, dental treats, cat treats and more.

Darford Oven Baked Treats – Canadian Made Dog Treats

Darford Oven Baked Treats produce dog treats made in Canada. Since 1987 they been making their treats from their facility in Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. 

Darford Oven Baked Treats Zero/G Dog Treats:

“Our Zero/G treats contain ZERO grains, are made with gluten-free ingredients and contain zero GMOs. These limited ingredient treats are rich in protein (real meat is always the #1 ingredient) and baked with power-packed superfoods such as blueberries, cranberries, quinoa seeds, chia seeds, and dried kelp. Zero/G treats are extra healthy and extra tasty – the perfect addition to any dog’s diet.”

Darford Oven Baked Treats Grain Free Dog Treats:

“Darford Grain Free dog treats blend a mouth-watering array of ingredients including sweet potatoes, carrots, cranberries, and blueberries to bring you a treat that is rich in antioxidants and vitamins and is made with gluten-free ingredients as well. Show your pooch you love him with these great tasting, healthy treats. For an extra health boost, check out our Grain Free Functionals!”

Darford Oven Baked Treats Naturals Dog Treats:

“Darford Naturals are oven baked using only the best natural ingredients! With these treats you can trust that your dog is getting the quality of treat they deserve, and they will love you for it.”

Darford Oven Baked Treats Mega Bones Dog Treats:

“These mega treats are designed to provide a hard-baked crunch that reaches all your dog’s teeth to clean while he chews. Whether you choose the Mega Bone or it’s half-sized counterpart, the Mega Junior, these bones are a great reward for active dogs.”

Visit their website to find a local store which carries their products.

Faithful Friends – Canadian Made Dog Treats

Faithul Friends have been making and selling grain-free dog treats since 2009 from the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island.

“Our treats are made by hand, in small batches, using the finest available natural ingredients, sourced as close to home as possible. We use no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. No treat has more than six ingredients and the ingredients are all recognizable.”

Visit their website to find where their sold or to buy online (they ship anywhere in Canada, free shipping for orders over $100).

Farm Fresh Pet Foods – Canadian Made Dog and Cat Treats

Farm Fresh Pet Foods produce dog and cat treats made in Canada. They have beef, bacon, and lamb dog and cat treats. Farm Fresh Pet Foods is owned and operated by Nicole and Kim who met each other working from the company in 2004. Farm Fresh Pet Foods are based out of Edmonton Alberta.

“Working with an animal nutritionist at the University of Saskatchewan, they created a complete meal using only real, whole foods combined to provide all the nutrients needed by a dog. It was important to them and still is to us, today, that the ingredients come from as close to home as possible.”

Grandpaw’s Treat’s – Canadian Made Dog and Cat Treats

Grandpaw knows the importance of a balanced diet, and is currently in his kitchen producing a selection of treats, made with Vancouver Island sourced meat and veggies, all natural, no additives or preservatives. Each treat has only one ingredient, and Grandpaw samples each treat himself, ensuring quality and safety.

Granville Island Pet Treatery – Canadian Made Dog and Cat Treats

Granville Island Pet Treatery produces dog and cat treats made in Canada. All treats are hand-crafted at their locations in Vancouver British Columbia. They utilize the knowledge of herbalists, holistic veterinarians, and pet nutrition experts which perfectly replicate nature to promote good health across a wide-range of pet health problems.

“We produce the finest, handmade in Canada Nutra Supplement Bites™, Pets Agree everyday dog treats and Pure Protein Sardine and Tuna treats for cats and dogs. Our herbal formulations and bespoke recipes are based on our deep continuing research, our commitment to excellence and our 31 years of experience, designed to keep pets healthier, safer and happier. Our delicious Nutra Supplement Bites™ are designed to promote good health. 

We are a local Vancouver company with a global expertise in pet therapeutic nutrition. Some say that in fact we are really “sleep therapists” cleverly disguised as pet professionals. Our customers sleep easy because they have learned to trust us to provide their beloved pets with the most nutritional, the safest, the tastiest bites and treats for their pets.”

Visit their website to find a supplier closest to you or to buy onine.

Jay’s Tasty Adventures – Canadian Made Dog and Cat Treats

Jay’s Tasty Adventures makes dogs and cat treats made in Canada. They definitely have some interesting products I haven’t seen elsewhere: “Cheesy Beef Snack Mix”, “Beef N Bacon Snack Mix”, and “Peanut Butter and Chicken Snack Mix” just to name a few. They are based out of Calgary Alberta. Jay’s Tasty Adventures uses only natural ingredients and source their ingredients as close to their Canadian production facility as possible. Visit their website to find a local pet store or to purchase directly online from their website.

Kettle Craft Pet Products
– Canadian Made Pet Treats and Products

Founded in 1996, creating kettle cooked, handcrafted, natural dog treats that contain no wheat, corn or soy. All Kettle Craft dog and cat treats are hand-crafted in their facility in Canada using natural, regionally sourced ingredients, with restaurant grade meats, poultry and fish. Our dogs just LOVE this product; Smokey Canadian Bacon is their favourite.

Midgard Farms – Canadian Made Dog Treats

Midgard Farms produces all-natural dog treats made in Canada. They focus on treats made with cricket based protein, which is a first I’ve heard of such a thing but they do a great job explaining why:

“Our whole ground cricket flour is high in beneficial nutrients, vitamins, and minerals with a lower ecological footprint than traditional proteins like beef, chicken, and lamb. It is bioavailable, hypoallergenic, and suitable for pets with sensitivities and allergies.”

At the time of writing they have three different types of dog treats: “cricket & carrot granola bites”, “cricket & sweet potato brittle”, “cricket biscuit ‘take & bake’ “. They are based out of Windsor Nova Scotia. Visit their website to learn about crickets, and where to buy their products.

My Mighty Wolf Dog Treats – Canadian Made Dog Treats

My Mighty Wolf produces dog treats in Canada made from all natural proteins. They are kettle cooked in small batches, are grain-free, and healthy. They are produced by Kettle Craft Pet Products (also featured here).

Naturawls – Canadian Made Dog and Cat Treats

Naturawls produces dog food and treats made in Canada. They produce their products from their facility in Southern Ontario. They use only Canadian meat in their products which they source as locally as possible. They have a variety of different treats and dinners. Visit their website to find a local supplier or to buy online.

Northern Biscuits – Canadian Made Dog Treats

“From one recipe sold at St. Jacobs farmers’ market to 18 recipes sold today, one thing remains unchanged: our fanatical obsession in sourcing fresh, local ingredients that you can trust from Canadian food growers.”

Northern Biscuits produces dog treats that are made in Canada. They search for ingredients which are Canadian as well from meat to vegetables. Northern Biscuits has a commitment to the environment by producing packaging as environmentally friendly as possible which is compostable. Visit their website to find a local supplier or to buy from their website.

Nutrience – Canadian Made Dog and Cat Treats

Nutrience produces dog and cat treats made in Canada. They have been a family-owned business since 1955 and continue to operate their own facility. Nutrience prides themselves on sourcing fresh poultry, meats, wild-caught fish, and produce directly from Canadian farmers, ranchers and fishermen –chicken and turkey from Fraser Valley; beef and bison from the Prairies; or any of the wild-caught fish that is plentiful in the cold, clear waters of the Pacific Northwest. Visit their website to find a local pet store which carries their products.

Open Farm – Canadian Owned Pet Food and Treats

Founded in 2013 in Toronto Ontario. They produce grain-free dog and cat food and treats focused on a limited set of premium proteins, fruits, and veggies that are raised naturally, and humanely. They source only the highest quality ingredients from suppliers they know and trust.  Please be aware it has been brought to my attention that manufacturing of this product takes place in Minnesota.  All product development, and distribution takes place in Canada.

Pet Kind – Canadian Made Dog and Cat Treats

Pet Kind produces dog and cat food and treats made in Canada. All ingredients are sourced within Canada with the exception of Lamb Tripe (New Zealand), Quinoa (Canada & Peru), and fruits and vegetables (USA). Pet Kind was founded in 2001 and is based out of White Rock British Columbia. Visit their website to find a store nearest you which carries their products.

Pets 4 Life – Canadian Made Dog and Cat Treats

Pets 4 Life specializes in gourmet raw dog and cat food and treats. It is 100% made in Canada using 100% Canadian meat, fish and poultry. Pets 4 Life was founded in 1999 and is based out of Thomas Ontario.

“Our recipes have all been tested to meet the standards set by AAFCO (Association Of American Feed Control Officials, Inc., the council which regulates the quality and safety of pet food in the United States) to be “Complete and Balanced for all life stages”. 

Visit their website to find the nearest store to you.

Puppy Love Pet Products – Canadian Made Dog Treats

Puppy Love Pet Products are 100% Canadian (made in Canada) with no additives or preservatives. Puppy Love Pet Products are based out of Fort Macleod Alberta. They make dog treats out of: bison, beef, chicken, turkey, duck, elk, deer, and lamb. Visit their website to find a local store that carries their products.

Rollover Premium Pet Food Ltd. – Canadian Made Dog Treats

Rollover Premium Pet Food produces dog food and treats that are made in Canada. All of their products are produced in their own facility in High River Alberta. They were founded in 1988 and were the first company in North America to produce semi-soft dog food rolls. Visit their website to find a local store to to buy online.

Simply Wholesome – Canadian Made Dog Treats

Simply Wholesome produces dog treats made in Canada. They are based out of Armstrong British Columbia. Seems like a fairly small business doing limited runs of treats. Order from their online store.

Snack 21 – Canadian Made Dog and Cat Treats

Snack 21 produces all natural, single ingredient, dog and cat treats made in Canada. Their products are 100% made from their facility in Richmond British Columbia. They have several different treats made from Salmon, Pacific Whiting, and Herring. Visit their website to find a local store to purchase.