Pet Food Made in Canada

Canadian Naturals – Canadian Made Pet Food

Canadian Naturals goal right from the start was to produce a food of the highest quality made in Canada, using only the best ingredients. They are Canadian owned based out of BC and Alberta. Canadian Naturals is seasoned with a host of herbs and supplements and is designed to meet a dog’s nutritional needs from puppy hood through adulthood. It also contains a wide variety of fruits and vegetables including apples, blueberries, pears, bananas, sweet potatoes, broccoli and spinach, all offering tremendous health benefits. Available in retail stores across Canada.

Carna4 – Canadian Made Pet Food

Carna4 uses 100% real food recipes that contain no synthetics of any kind, not even the vitamin pre-mixes found in most pet foods. Made in Canada, they test every batch for safety before it goes to market. They are proud to work with other family operations who also believe in sustainability, a drug-free food chain, and non-GMO, humane farming practices. One of our dogs eats the Gain Free Duck and loves it, and we love how it has helped her dry skin.

Carnivora – Canadian Made Pet Food

Founded in 2003 in Saskatoon they are proudly made in Canada, becoming the first and only pet food company to provide a variety of whole animal diets for dogs. They only accepts healthy, disease-free whole animals from small scale establishments that follow holistic management and feeding practices. The animals are transported to designated slaughter facilities where upon arrival they are humanely slaughtered, and handled according to the Canadian Meat Inspection Act and Regulations. Our other dog eats this, her favourites are the Bison and Rabbit.

Champion Petfoods – Canadian Made Pet Food

Founded over 25 years ago in Edmonton Alberta creating the brands Acana and Orijen for dogs and cats. Acana and Orijen diets are packed with high-quality animal protein, a nutritionally balanced fatty acid profile, minimal (and low-glycemic) carbohydrates, and naturally sourced vitamins and minerals that will nourish your dog and cat just as nature intended. They use sustainably raised and are harvested from nearby farmers, ranchers and fishermen, their Fresh Regional Ingredients supply nutrients in their freshest, most natural and nourishing form. They’re dedicated to the highest standards of authenticity, nutritional integrity and food safety. That’s why they make all of their foods in their own kitchens and don’t make food for anyone else.

Nutram – Canadian Made Pet Food

Nutram is a pet wellness company with a holistic approach to pet nutrition. They are made in Canada and headquartered in Elmira, Ontario. Nutram’s team of in-house Certified Nutritionists and Holistic Experts craft each recipe to maximize nutrient absorption. Through sound scientific principles and natural ingredients, your pet will receive all of the benefits of each ingredient, as nature intended. Available in local retailers across Canada.

Open Farm – Canadian Made Pet Food

Founded in 2013 in Toronto Ontario. They produce grain-free dog and cat food recipes focused on a limited set of premium proteins, fruits, and veggies that are raised naturally, and humanely. They source only the highest quality ingredients from suppliers they know and trust.

Petcurean – Canadian Made Pet Food

Petcurean is a family owned business, and is still owned by the two people who originally founded the company in 1999. Petcurean is mainly produced in Canada. Their dry pet foods are produced in Ontario. Their canned products are primarily produced in Ontario. Their GO! Meal Mixers are manufactured in British Columbia, Canada.

Rocky Mountain Raw – Canadian Made Pet Food

Rocky Mountain Raw is manufactured at their production facility in Abbotsford BC. You won’t find chemicals, preservatives, fillers or added sugar and salt in their blends. What you will find is healthy, natural pet food developed for the biologically appropriate needs of your family pet. They work with trained professionals and laboratories to ensure the highest quality product.