Knives Made in Canada

Knives Made in Canada – Cariboo Blades

Cariboo Blades produces knives and wood carving tools made in Canada. They use recovered materials from lumber mills to produce their blades. Their products include kitchen knives and hunting/survival knives. Visit their website to check them out.

Knives Made in Canada – Caribou Knives 

Caribou Knives produces knives made in Canada.  They are located in central BC and a family owned and operated business.  They produce knives for the kitchen, hunting, woodcarving, and more.  Check out their website to see what they have to offer.  Contact them to make any purchases.

Knives Made in Canada – Cosmo Knives

Cosmo Knives produces knives made in Canada.  Shop from hunting knives, kitchen knives, and more. Their founder Seth Cosmo Burton crafts everything by hand and each piece is truly a work of art.  You can purchase from his online store.

Knives Made in Canada – Gary Greer Knives

Gary Greer is a Canadian knifemaker Every step of the process is done by hand including the sheathes. His workshop is located in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. He produces artistic style knives, functional everyday knives, and hunting knives. Visit his website and check out his work.

Knives Made in Canada – Gough Custom

“Gough Custom is the online store and brand for Australian-Canadian knifemaker Aaron Gough. Aaron is intent on making the highest quality and best performing outdoor working knives that are available anywhere, with a focus on hunting, camping, bushcraft, kitchen and culinary knives.” He uses a technique combining both CNC and hard-crafting for finishing. This process makes a consistent, high-quality product. Gough Custom produces all their knives made in Canada, out of his workshop in Toronto. Visit his website to check out what he can do for you.

Knives Made in Canada – Grohmann Knives

Grohmann Knives are proudly Canadian made from their factory in Pictou, Nova Scotia.  They use quality materials in construction including: Classic Rosewood, Black Polypropylene, Xtra resinwood, Carbon Stainless Steel, and Carbon Steel to name a few.  Grohmann Knives have won more than 25 international honors including a display at New York’s prestigious Museum of Modern Art.  Check out their online store to buy yours.

Knives Made in Canada – Haslinger Knives

Haslinger knives is a single-man operation and he produces knives made in Canada.  Everything is custom-made by hand including the leather hand-grips.  This all began as a part-time passion in 1994 and has evolved from there into full-time work and passion.  He crafts all sorts of knives from chef’s knives, to hunting, and utility knives.  Check out his website to purchase.

Knives Made in Canada – Lamoureux and Sons

Lamoureux and Sons is a family-owned business that produces knives made in Canada, specifically in Quebec. It all began with a focus on what hunters need and grew from there. They use high-quality S-30V stainless steel from Crucible Steels’ for all their blades. If you’re looking for an outdoor or hunting knife definitely check them out.

Knives Made in Canada – North Arm Knives

North Arm Knives is a small knives producer out of Vancouver BC.  Knives come with a warranty and a satisfaction guarantee.  They offer paring knives, chef’s knives, folding knives, and outdoors knives.  They ship direct to customer so check out their website and purchase there.

Knives Made in Canada – Robson Knives

Robson knives was founded by Bob Robson. He produces hand-crafted knives from his shop in Saskatchewan. He even crafts custom sheathes from cows hide as well. Knives start at $325. He produces knives for the kitchen, hunting, and filleting. To place an order contact them through the details on their website.

Knives Made in Canada – Scott Kozub Knives

Scott Kozub is an engineer from St. Catherines Ontario who also has an affinity for making high-quality knives. He’s so confident in his products that at any time if you’re not satisfied you can return it for a full refund. All knives are custom-made and once you decide what style of knife you would like Scott will go over the various options with you before purchase. Visit his website, checkout the gallery, and see if anything will work for you.

Knives Made in Canada – Steven Tedford Knives

Steven Tedford has been making knives in Canada for 16 years full-time for people all over the world. The technique he uses is Japanese inspired using a hand-forged method to produce more durable long-lasting materials. Additionally by hand-forging he is able to produce more complex knives with curves that machines just cannot replicate. Each blade is completely unique and custom. Visit his website to check it out.