Made in Canada Jackets

We’ve snuck some jackets in the Outdoors section so make sure you check that out as well.

Amanda Moss – Canadian Made Women’s Coats

Amanda Moss is a Canadian fashion brand named after its founder. She was born and raised in Newfoundland before moving to Montreal to pursue her dreams of fashion design. Her first clothing collection was launched in 2013. Shop for tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, coats, and more from her online store.

Bon Vivant – Canadian Made Men’s Jackets

Manufactured in Montreal, they produce button-down shirts, pants, and shorts. Available online.

Canada Goose – Canadian Made Jackets and Clothing

Founded in 1957 and headquartered in Toronto they create high-end outer wear that is stylish and extremely warm. Even though they are a publicly traded company, they have kept their products Canadian and manufacture them in Toronto and Winnipeg. They’re most known for their winter jackets.

Canadian Wolf – Canadian Made Jackets

Canadian Wolf produces jackets made in Canada. They are Canadian owned and manufacture their products in Montreal Quebec. Their jackets are filled with at least 90% down and 10% feather in addition to being waterproof and windproof. Canadian Wolf jackets are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects. Purchase from their online store.

Comeback Season – Canadian Made Windbreakers

Comeback Season produces clothing made in Canada. This is a bit of a weird one where I’ve been unable to find many details, their website lacks any mention of being made in Canada despite being widely publicized as such by the likes of Global News and more. If anyone has any more information on this one please get in touch with us. Their product line includes: t-shirts, hoodies, windbreakers, crewnecks, and tuques. Visit their website to purchase yours.

East Coast Lifestyle – Canadian Made Jackets

The East Coast Lifestyle brand originated in Halifax Nova Scotia by a then student, Alex MacLean. Everything began with a limited run of hoodies he designed off an $800 loan from his parents. From that point on his just continued to re-invest and scale the business to what it is today. Various celebrity influences helped push the brand to what it is today including: hockey superstar Sidney Crosby to Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah and singing sensation Ed Sheeran, EastCoast Lifestyle solidified its place as the staple brand of the East Coast. The majority of their products are made in Canada, if someone has more details on this we’re very much interested in hearing from you. Their product line includes: t-shirts, hoodies, crew necks, jackets, pants, shorts, activewear, and more. You can find their products at Pseudio, Below The Belt, their own store in Halifax Nova Scotia, or online.

Ellie Mae – Canadian Made Women’s Outerwear

Ellie Mae is a women’s fashion brand which produces their line in Canada. “As part of this process, we embrace high quality fabrics, local production and nostalgia to make one-of-a-few pieces that spark joy.” They offer outerwear, jackets, tops, bottoms, dresses, sweaters, and accessories. Since the coronavirus pandemic they’ve also started to produce face masks. Visit their website to shop online.

Encircled – Canadian Made Women’s Jackets and Blazers

Encircled was founded in 2012 by Kristi Soomer. Encircled makes their clothing 100% in Canada, specifically in Toronto Ontario. Their products include tops, dresses, skirts, blouses, pants, leggings, jackets, blazers, and more. Since the coronavirus pandemic they’ve also begun producing face masks. Visit their website to make a purchase from their online store.

FIG – Canadian Made Women’s Jackets

FIG is a women’s Canadian clothing brand that “Offer the ultimate solution for active and modern women travellers seeking elegant, comfortable and ethical clothing.” Their products include: jumpsuits, jackets, tops, cardigans, skirts, dresses, pants, shorts, tunics, and more. FIG is based out of Montreal Quebec, with the majority of their clothing Canadian made in factories in Quebec and Ontario. Since the pandemic they’ve also been producing face masks. Visit their website to make a purchase.

Freed & Freed Ltd – Canadian Made Coats and Jackets

Freed & Freed Ltd is a 4th generation family-owned company with over 100 years of history. They produce coats and jackets made in Canada. “Long known for creating Ladies’ & Men’s fine apparel, Freed & Freed uses its depth of experience and its unique understanding of design, construction and manufacturing of ladies’ and men’s tailored goods and outerwear with leading textile and manufacturing innovation and technology.” Visit their website and check out what they have.

Horses Atelier – Canadian Made Women’s Jackets

Horse Atelier is a Canadian women’s fashion brand. The company was founded in 2012 with everything being made in Canada (Toronto specifically). They’re most well known for their jumpsuits but also sell jackets, dresses, tops, bottoms, and more. Since the coronavirus pandemic they’ve also started producing face masks. Visit their website to check them out and to buy.

Jack Victor – Canadian Made Men’s Suits and Formal Wear

Jack Victor produces men’s suits and formal wear all made in Canada. They’ve been a leading North American manufacturer since 1913. Everything is designed and made in Montreal Quebec. Visit their website to find a store nearest to you.

Jennifer Glasgow – Canadian Made Women’s Jackets

Headquartered in Montreal they produce women’s made in Canada jackets and trench coats. They are also featured in our clothing section for their other products. Her locally-made collections help limit a carbon footprint and sources organic fabrics from abroad with this same sensibility. Shop on their online store.

Kanuk – Canadian Made Coats

Founded in the 1970’s and headquartered in Quebec, they make coats, hats, and mittens. They produce warm, high-performance, and durable coats that observe the highest standards for quality. They’ve developed sewing techniques that improve the coat’s insulation and prevents heat from escaping. Designed and Manufactured in Quebec.

Quartz Co. – Canadian Made Parkas and Jackets

A family owned business led by 2 brothers out of Montreal. This company produces jackets and parkas made in Canada and is famous for one produced from milkweed which helps in sustaining Monarch butterflies. All jackets come with a lifetime warranty. They can be found in retailers across Canada, as well as throughout the world. Products are also available online and can be found at Altitude Sports, a company we also feature in our Outdoors section.

La Canadienne Shoes – Canadian Made Leather Jackets

La Canadienne is a Canadian footwear brand that has over 70 years of experience crafting footwear. Their factory is based out of Montreal Quebec. Every item is crafted and inspected by hand before being boxed and shipped. Plenty of different boot and shoe styles, but in addition they also sell: sandals, leather jackets, bags, scarves, hats, gloves, and more. Visit their website to buy yours.

Le Chateau – Canadian Made Jackets

Le Chateau is a Canadian clothing brand which began in Montreal in 1959. Since then they’ve grown to 133 locations across Canada, employing over 1600 people. 30% of their garments are made in their Canadian production facility. On their website you can filter the “made in Canada collection”, items made in Canada also have a red Canadian leaf. It seems as though it is only their women’s clothing which is actually made in Canada, of which they have plenty to choose from: tops, bottoms, dresses, skirts, jackets, accessories, and more. Since the pandemic they’ve also been producing face masks. Visit their website, just remember to filter made in Canada before purchasing.

LOWELL – Canadian Made Clothing, Purses, Handbags, Accessories

LOWELL is based out of Montreal Quebec.  They have an extensive clothing line, just make sure you select the “made in Canada” option from the menu-bar.  Every “bag is thought of, designed, conceived and made in our workshops of MONTREAL CANADA”.  You can buy their made in Canada purses and handbags at retailers across the country or from their online store.

Melanie Lyne – Canadian Made Women’s Jackets

Melanie Lyne is a Canadian women’s clothing brand has been around since 2014 but is part of Laura Canada, a family-owned Canadian business for over 80 years. When visiting their website they have a maple leaf indicating products which are made in Canada, as well as in their product descriptions as well. Their products include: dresses, jumpsuits, tops, bottoms, jeans, jackets, blazers, and more. Visit their website to buy online or to find a retail location.

m0851 – Canadian Made Jackets, Parkas, Accessories

m0851 is based out of Montreal Quebec, they produce made in Canada jackets, leather bags (handbags, purses), accessories, and outerwear. All m0851 products are designed in Montreal, and over 90% of them are entirely conceived and crafted in their Montreal workshops. They strive to buy their leathers and fabrics from equitable and eco-conscious sources even at a higher cost. Use their store locator or shop from their online store as well.

Odeyalo – Canadian Made Women’s Jackets and Coats

Odeyalo is a Canadian made clothing brand based out of Montreal Quebec Canada. They believe in producing high-quality limited-run pieces that their clients can enjoy for years and keep returning for more. Their products include women’s: tops, pants, jumpsuits, dresses, vests, jackets, and more. Visit their online store to purchase yours.

OSC Cross – Canadian Made Jackets and Parkas

This company is is a sister-company to Outdoor Survival Canada. They are dedicated to making made in Canada jackets and parkas which are for warmer urban environments than those made by their sister-company. Visit their online store to shop for their products.

Outdoor Survival Canada – Canadian Made Jackets and Parkas

With the goal of produces the warmest jackets in the world Outdoor Survival Canada has been around since 2009. Their jackets are good for temperatures of 0 to -40 degrees Celsius, and also carry a limited lifetime warranty. The company is proud that design and production both occur within Canada. You can find their products in retailers across Canada or purchase from their online store.

Pajar Canada – Canadian Made Outerwear

Pajar Canada was founded in 1963 and have operated as a five-generation Canadian owned business. They are based out of Montreal where they produce all of their products including outerwear and footwear made in Canada. They carry raincoats, parkas, bombers, puffers, and more. Their sport collection is designed to handle the harshest of Canadian winters. Check out their online website to make a purchase.

Public Myth – Canadian Made Women’s Athletic Wear

Public Myth is a Canadian women’s athletic wear brand based out of Vancouver British Columbia. The majority of their manufacturing takes place nearby but they also mention additional manufacturing is in North America so not all products are truly Canadian. Their products include: tops, bottoms (yoga pants, yoga shorts), bras, jackets, and hoodies. Visit their website to buy online.

Reigning Champ – Canadian Made Jackets

Reigning Champ is a Canadian activewear brand producing athletic and regular clothing for men and women. They were founded in 2007 and are based out of Vancouver British Columbia. Their products include: t-shirts, bottoms, outerwear, sweatshirts, robes, and accessories. Visit their website to buy yours.

Taiga – Canadian Made Jackets

Taiga is a Canadian owned company which produces different outdoor wear made in Canada including: jackets, shells, coats, and vests. They are headquartered and manufactured in Vancouver British Columbia. You can buy from their store in Vancouver or from their online store.

Yoga Jeans – Canadian Made Women’s Denim Jackets

Founded in 2011 Yoga Jeans is a brand that produces jeans and other denim products made in St-Come Linière, Quebec, Canada. They like to keep the environment in mind by looking for solutions to reduce their consumption of water and to reduce their carbon footprint. Their products include: denim jackets, many different types and styles of jeans, and skirts. Visit their website to buy yours.

Westcomb – Canadian Made Jackets

Founded in 2005 in Vancouver BC Westcomb produces jackets made in Canada. Their design studio, manufacturing facility, and warehouse are all in Vancouver allowing for greater control and a lower carbon footprint. Their products are available in various retailers or from their online store.

Wuxly Movement – Canadian Made Jackets and Parkas

Wuxly Movement produces jackets and parkas made in Canada. They were founded in 2012 by a former Canadian pro-football player: James Yurichuk. Utilizing advanced fibres their coats are animal friendly. Their headquarters and manufacturing is in Toronto, Ontario. Shop from their online store.