Made in Canada Handbags, Purses, Backpacks, Wallets, and Leather Products

Find Canadian Made Purses, Handbags, Luggage, Backpacks, Wallets and more. We have lists of the greatest made in Canada products. We’re dedicated to supporting Canadian business, and Canadian families.

LEONE – Canadian Made Wallets and Cardholders

LEONE produces bi-fold wallets, cardholders, and pocket organizers made in Canada. They are based out of Toronto Ontario. Each product is available in a range of colours, including coal, mahogany, tan, moss, cobalt, and tangerine. They use full-grain goatskin leather sourced from a bespoke tannery in rural France. Known locally as Chèvre Crispe. 10% of all revenue is donated towards a youth non-profit that provides mentorship to kids. Visit their website to check them out.

ADV Anna del valle – Canadian Made Handbags and Backpacks

ADV produces high-quality leather products, mainly handbags which are made in Canada. They are based out of Montreal. Their style can be described as minimalist, functional, and simple. Everything is cut and sewn by hand.

Amy Steele Bags – Canadian Made Purses, Bags

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in North Bay Ontario, they produce handbags and accessories. In 2017 she won the Nasty Gal Cutting Edge Bag Award in New York City for her “Festival Belt” Bag Design. With no formal fashion training, but with her love of sewing and passion for handbags, she built her company.

Brave Leather’s – Canadian Made Purses, Wallets, Belts

Brave Leather was founded over 27 years ago and began as a one-man operation selling leather products as a street vendor, years later and it has grown into a multi-million dollar business. All of Brave Leather’s products are produced in a factory in Toronto, by Canadians, rather surprising for a company which has grown to such success. Shop for their made in Canada purses, wallets, and belts from their online store.

Bronsino Designs – Canadian Made Handbags and Belts

Bronsino Designs produces handbags and belts made in Canada, right in Vancouver. It was founded by a Canadian who studied art in both Canada and Italy. It is this Italian inspired design that carries through their products. They use virgin leather, reclaimed garments and premium upholstery surplus to create their products. Visit their website to check them out.

Canada Leathers – Canadian Made Leather Products

Canada Leathers is Canadian owned and based out of Alberta. They craft their products from 100% genuine leather ranging from cow hides to buffalo, moose, elk, deer hides, and select items from beavertails. Products include: backpacks, wallets, purses, coin holders, passport holders, tote bags, messenger bags, duffle bags, briefcases, card holders, organizers, hip bags, and likely more. Visit their website and check them out.

Divina Denuevo – Canadian Made Luggage, Purses, Handbags, Accessories

Divina Denuevo means “Divine Again” and is run by two people out of Vancouver British Columbia. Something that sets them apart from other brands is that they search for antique and vintage hardware, keys and adornments to place on their creations. They create made in Canada purses, travel luggage, bags, belts, and more so check out their online store.

Egli’s Sheep Farm – Canadian Made Purses and Wallets

Founded in 1952 and headquartered in Minnitaki Ontario they are one of Canada’s largest wool and sheepskin specialty stores. Everything is designed and made on their farm using the sheep they raise. Their made in Canada products include: purses, belts, clutches, wallets, sweaters, underwear, socks, slippers, jackets, and much more. Check them out as they have quite an assortment.

Ema Design Treasures – Canadian Made Wallets, and Handbags

Ema Design Treasures produces handbags made in Canada, specifically in Ottawa. Everything is made by hand and all began with a love of quilting. The owner is a Canadian Armed Forces veteran, having served for just over 20 years. Visit their website and check them out.

Erin Templeton – Canadian Made Handbags, Purses, Accessories

Erin Templeton began producing leather accessories in 1999 while attending school in England. She continued to study leatherwork in Australia before returning to where she was born, Vancouver British Columbia. This is where her crafts her made in Canada handbags, purses, and accessories today. Erin has plenty of options to choose from so check out her online store.

Eulalee Leather – Canadian Made Handbags

Eulalee Leather produces Canadian made handbags. All handbags are hand-made by the founder Joren Eulalee. Her workshop is based out of Vancouver BC. Eulalee Leather bags are made to age; crafted with a hand selected leather hides, stainless steel or brass hardware and devotion to the craft.  Visit her website to check out what she has.

FIVELEFT – Canadian Made Purses, Handbags, Wallets

FIVELEFT produces made in Canada purses, handbags, belts, and wallets. Everything is made in Vancouver British Columbia. Their cowhides are tanned in a vegetable extract to limit the toxins absorbed into the material. Shop for their products from their online website.

FishSkin Designs – Canadian Made Handbags

FishSkin Designs produces fashionable, functional, earth-friendly designer handbags made in Canada. The founder Jill makes sure all handbags pass the “mom test” for durability. Visit their website to check them out.

Frank Lyman – Canadian Made Handbags

Frank Lyman is a women’s fashion company. They produce handbags (check for them under different collections, you may find them in one and not another) tops, bottoms, jackets, pants, and jeans all made in Canada, specifically in Montreal. 98% of their products are made in Canada. Frank Lyman started his journey int he fashion business at 18 years of age. Use their location locator on their website to find a local store that carries their products.

Grace Bohemian Bags – Canadian Made Backpacks, and Purses

Grace produces backpacks and purses all made in Canada. They are based out of Vancouver Island, with all design and crafting taking place there as well. Canadian founder and designer Alison Gledhill was inspired through travelling internationally and that carries through with her designs. “In 2013 Alison was selected by Toronto Life magazine as a Toronto designer to watch out for and in 2012 Alison was chosen out of more than 850,000 Etsy sellers by Etsy to be a featured artist at their first ever pop up event in New York City.” Visit their website and check out what they have.

LOWELL – Canadian Made Handbags, Backpacks, Wallets

LOWELL is based out of Montreal Quebec. Every “bag is thought of, designed, conceived and made in our workshops of MONTREAL CANADA”. They also have an extensive clothing line, just make sure you select the “made in Canada” option from the menu-bar. You can buy their made in Canada purses and handbags at retailers across the country or from their online store.

HammerThreads – Canadian Made Bags

HammerThreads began as a basement business in Woodstock New Brunswick until it scaled to become a full-time business. They produce bags (handbags, duffle bags, purses), knives, wallets, pouches, jewellery (including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and belts all made in Canada. HammerThreads’ logo is based in Norse mythology. They believe in high-quality materials and product that last a lifetime. Visit their website to check out what they have.

Horace & Jasper – Canadian Made Purses, Wallets, Accessories

From music career to leather workers Horace & Jasper produce made in Canada purses, bags, wallets, and accessories. They produce everything by hand in Calgary Alberta. Their products are definitely metal inspired. Check them out on their online store.

JMB Canada – Canadian Made Handbags, Purses, Belts, Luggage

Twenty years ago, James Brooks founded Bike Leather Co. producing leather belts out of Toronto. Years later he has moved his studio and workshop to Chelsea Quebec producing made in Canada handbags, purses, belts, luggage, and accessories. Check out everything for sale from his online store.

Kirkpatrick’s Leather – Canadian Made Leather Products

Kirkpatrick’s Leather has been around since 1881 producing leather products made in Canada, specifically Port Hope. Their products include: police duty gear, bags, purses, and totes. Their current owner has been a leather craftsman for over 40 years. All of their products are made by hand. Visit their website to check them out.

kirkpatrick's leather products made in Canada

m0851 – Canadian Made Backpacks, Handbags, Purses, Wallets

m0851 is based out of Montreal Quebec, they produce made in Canada leather bags (handbags, purses), backpacks, accessories, jackets and outerwear. All m0851 products are designed in Montreal, and over 90% of them are entirely conceived and crafted in their Montreal workshops. They strive to buy their leathers and fabrics from equitable and eco-conscious sources even at a higher cost. Use their store locator or shop from their online store as well.

Monte & Coe – Canadian Made Handbags

Monte & Coe is a Canadian owned company that hand-makes all of their products in Toronto Ontario. The produce made in Canada travel bags, totes, and briefcases. They strive to make products in a morally responsible fashion. You can shop for their products from their online store.

Oak & Honey Leather – Canadian Made Wallets, Passport Protectors, Belts

Oak & Honey Leather is a one-man operation out of Toronto Ontario. All leather is imported from outside the country but the wallets, passport protectors, and everything else is made in Canada. Everything can be customized to order: you pick the leather colour, stitching colour, pocket style, and more. Most items can also be personalized by having your initials permanently stamped into the leather. Visit his online store and check it out for yourself.

Opelle – Canadian Made Purses, Handbags, Backpacks

Opelle was founded in 2010 by Amy Malcolm. Their purses are made in Canada by hand in Toronto Ontario. In addition to purses they also make backpacks. “With an emphasis on function and authenticity, every Opelle bag is thoughtful, responsible and unique.” You can buy their bags from their online store.

Popov Leather – Canadian Made Wallets, Belts

Popov Leather is Canadian owned producing made in Canada wallets and belts from Nelson British Columbia. Everything is hand-made. Their leather is sourced from the USA and Denmark. You can buy their products from their online store.

Trace of Grey Designs – Canadian Made Purses, Handbags, Wallets, Backpacks

Trace of Grey Designs produces purses, handbags, backpacks, and wallets all made in Canada. Everything is hand-made in Vancouver, BC, but they do source their leather from all over the world. Purchase their products from their online store.

Wolf Den – Canadian Made Leather Purses, Pouches, Wallets, and Bags

Wolf Den produces purses, pouches, wallets and bags and are all crafted in Canada from leather. They also have produce Canadian clothing, jewellery, moccasins, and more. Choose from among moose-hide, deerskin, buffalo hide, sealskin and more. Many of their bags are created by native artisans, crafted in their traditional style. They have been around since 1967 and produce their goods in Parry Sound Ontario. Visit their website to shop from their online store.

YNOT – Canadian Made Backpacks, Bags, Purses, Wallets

YNOT was founded in 2009 and are based out of Toronto. They offer prototyping and manufacturing services for other brands. Their products include: messenger bags, backpacks, leather goods, duffle bags, utility bags, and apparel. “All of our bags and accessories are handmade in Canada. From design to prototyping to manufacturing and shipping, every stage of our production is done in-house, here in Toronto. Much of our fabric and plastic hardware is made in the United States, and some material is even made in Canada! Apparel items (hats, shirts) are generally finished in our factory (logo applied), but country of origin varies (check label).”

YOR Leather – Canadian Made Handbags, Wallets

YOR Leader is a Canadian owned business based out of Calgary Alberta. Their mission is to create handbags that are durable, long-lasting, and high quality. They make a point of not using breakable parts in their bags: no zippers, or plastic. They also sell wallets and briefcases. Their leather hides are sourced both in Canada but also in the United States. Visit their website to check them out.

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