Hand Sanitizer Made in Canada

Small and large Canadian businesses have continued to innovate to help in the COVID-19 battle. Many of them have begun producing hand sanitizer and are on the List of hand sanitizers authorized by Health Canada. We’ve done our research and have assembled the most comprehensive list of Canadian producers of alcohol based hand sanitizers. All of these companies operate online in addition to any local store so you can be sure to make a purchase of hand sanitizer online. If we’re missing anyone please let us know.

All Clean Natural – Hand Sanitizer Made in Canada

“At All Clean Natural our goal is to create compelling, healthy alternatives that are not only as good, but better than department store chemicals. We aim to develop solutions that promote a natural lifestyle, are environmentally friendly, never tested on animals, and are safe for you and your family.”

All Clean Natural produces many products which are made in Canada including: hand sanitizer, eye glass cleaner, stain removers, degreasers, cleaners, laundry detergent, and more. Visit their website to order online.

Anderson Distilleries – Hand Sanitizer Made in Canada

Anderson Distilleries produces Canadian made hand sanitizer ever since the on-set of coronavirus. They are of course a distillery out of British Columbia Canada. They began operations in 2004 producing Vodkas, Gins, and Liqueurs. All of their liquor products are made with local BC grains. Visit their website to find a local retailer or to buy online.

ApexLab – Hand Sanitizer Made in Canada

Apex Lab sells hand sanitizer that is made in Canada under the Germs Be Done brand. They have exclusive rights for the sale of the product to consumers and are a wholesale distributor as well. Government and institutions are served directly by the manufacturer: Brands International Corp. Their products are approved for use by Health Canada. You can purchase from their website.

BioNature – Hand Sanitizer Made in Canada

BioNauture produces several different household products including: hand sanitizer, disinfectants, laundry detergent, various cleaners, dishwashing soap, and even pet shampoo. BioNature is a subsidiary of Unica Canada (a Canadian company). They ask that you contact them to find a retailer nearest to you.

Bohemian Spirits – Hand Sanitizer Made in Canada

Bohemian Spirits is an alcohol distillery which now also produces hand sanitizer.

“Bohemian Spirits is hand-crafted, hand-corked, and hands-down the happiest bits from around the Rocky Mountains in a bottle. We’re a fresh little distillery conveniently situated near the middle of nowhere, amidst the mountains in Canada’s highest city. Around here, the air is pure, the botanicals precocious, the people good and the drink’s neat.”

They produce an 80% alcohol formulation, prices start at $6 for a 250ml container. Visit their website to buy from their online store.

Brands International – Hand Sanitizer Made in Canada

Germs Be Gone Branded

Brands International produces the popular Germs Be Gone branded hand sanitizer. This product is showing up available for sale from a variety of different websites and retailers. This hand sanitizer is made from their facility in Ontario and are made in compliance with Health Canada standards.

Burwood Distillery – Canadian Made Hand Sanitizer

“Burwood Distillery started as an idea between friends and blossomed into a common vision to celebrate Alberta’s agriculture by bringing world-class spirits to a thirsty town.”

Since the pandemic they’ve joined the fight in producing alcohol based hand cleanser, and face masks. The hand cleanser is available in several different sizes and can be bought online.

Canada Sanigel – Hand Sanitizer Made in Canada

Canada Sanigel produces hand sanitizer made in Canada. They produce the hand sanitizer in Montreal Quebec and Toronto Ontario. They produce several different hand sanitizer and sanigels which have been approved by Health Canada. Visit their website for purchase.

Dillon’s – Hand Sanitizer Made in Canada

Dillon’s is best known for their spirits production but since the COVID-19 pandemic they’ve switched to hand sanitizer production.

“Crafted in small batches in the Niagara Region in Ontario, Dillion’s distillers has made it their mission to help the community in making hand sanitizer more widely available by turning their Ontario grown grapes and grains into hand sanitizer.

Dillon’s converted their distillery into full-time hand sanitizer production during this time and have provided over 30,000L’s completely free to over 1,500 hospitals, long-term care homes, shelters, police, fire and EMS departments, and so many more all across Ontario. This hand sanitizer is made from scratch by Dillon’s from ethanol, vegetable glycerin and hydrogen peroxide. It is recommended to transfer into a spray or spritz bottle to use on hands.This hand sanitizer is proudly brought to you by spirit craftsmen and is packaged in Dillion’s distillery classic spirit bottle.”

They’ve teamed up with well.ca (an online Canadian healthy living retailer) to offer their product.

Dubh Glas – HandRub Made in Canada

Dubh Glas (dugh-luhs) in Gaelic means “from the dark water”. They are a distillery based in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. They typically specialize in gin and spirits but have added hand sanitizer to their product line during the pandemic. See the details below:


80% a.b.v | 750mL | $20.00 inc. GST

Be Noteworthy to your friends, family and community by sanitizing and respecting physical distancing.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Dubh Glas Distillery is producing Noteworthy Handrub based on the World Health Organization formula for personal hand hygiene to help prevent the spread of bacteria. Initial production was to meet the demands of emergency services, health care providers and essential services as priority. With those needs now met, we are now able to offer it to the public in smaller sizing.

It is approved by Health Canada and is registered with the Natural Product Number: 80098926 with the MSDS downloadable here: WHO HS (Ethanol-based)_Canada_EN_The Dubh Glas Distillery.

Available in 20L or 4L containers, larger quantities can be purchased at $20/liter inc GST by emailing sanitizer@thedubhglasdistillery.com

Even in a pandemic, quality has to be Noteworthy.”

Etiket – Hand Sanitizer Made in Canada

Etiket produces hand sanitizer made in Canada, it is a multipurpose spray. It is an 80% alcohol and is approved by Health Canada. Etiket is mostly known for their skin care, hair, and bath products (though we’ve been unable to confirm if these are also made in Canada like their hand sanitizer). Their shop is located in Montreal and they ship all across Canada.

Fernie Distillers – Hand Rub Made in Canada

Fernie Distillers is based out of Fernie British Columbia. They were founded in 2016 by a husband and wife duo. They specialize in the production of Vodka, Gin, and Liquers.

Fernie Distillers has their 80% hand rub available 4L for $100 CAD. Visit their website to order yours, they have limited quantities available.

The Green Beaver Company – Hand Sanitizer Made in Canada

“Since our launch in 2002, Green Beaver has sought to provide healthy, natural products for your family and for ours. Founded by husband-and-wife team Karen Clark and Alain Ménard, whose work in the pesticide and pharmaceutical industries helped shape their interest in natural goods, Green Beaver was developed as a reaction to the harsh chemicals found in children’s shampoos, bubble baths, and other self-care products.”

The company is Canadian owned and uses certified organic Canadian ingredients. They are based out of Hawkesbury, Ontario. Their hand sanitizer has been approved by Health Canada and uses 70% alcohol. Visit their website to shop from their online store.

Nala – Hand Sanitizer Made in Canada

Nala was founded after a family member succumbed to cancer. That loss triggered curiosity into health and well-being. Nala produces natural deodorants and hand sanitizer which is made in Canada.

“10% of proceeds go to Covenant House Vancouver to continue to supply essential services to youth experiencing homelessness. A soothing blend of high-grade eucalyptus, tea tree, and manuka oil with undertones of uplifting lemongrass and calming lavender floral water. Quick drying. Non-sticky. Vegan. Kills harmful bacteria & viruses.  Free-From parabens, triclosan, artificial fragrance, artificial colours, and cruelty. 63% IsoPropyl Alcohol. Kills harmful bacteria & viruses.”

Visit their website to purchase.

Nezza Naturals – Hand Sanitizer Made in Canada

Nezza Naturals has mostly been known for their natural skin-care line. Early in the coronavirus pandemic they teamed up with Victoria Distillers to produce their own hand sanitizers. 20% of all bottles produced will be donated to essential workers.

Nezza Naturals was co-founded by James Trueit and his daughter Sasha Prior on Galiano Island B.C. in 2004. They both share the belief that plant based ingredients hold powerful healing qualities and what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it! Sasha trained as an aromatherapist and James spent years researching and formulating over 400 products. They then opened a beautiful retail and manufacturing location in Victoria B.C. Canada. Along with an amazing team of ‘Nezza Naturalists’ the company has blossomed into a leader of natural skin care and alternative lifestyle products. Available in their retail store in Victoria and on their online store.

Odd Society Spirits – Canadian Made Hand Sanitizer

“Odd Society is dedicated to combining Old World distilling traditions with New World ingredients and ingenuity to create a family of spirits including whiskey, vodka and gin.” Since COVID-19 they’ve also began producing hand sanitizer. They are based out of Vancouver British Columbia. You can buy personal travel sizes such as the one above or they even can sell it in bulk amounts (4L and 20L). Visit their online store to buy yours.

Okanagan Spirits – Hand Sanitizer Made in Canada

Okanagan Spirits sells personal quantities of hand sanitizer directly from their store with the purchase of spirits or to businesses in large quantities.

Okanagan Spirits Crarft Distillery produces spirits in Western Canada using locally sourced fruit and ingredients. They were founded in 2004. They produce more than 30 internationally awarded spirits ranging from Single Malt , BRBN Bourbon-Style, BC Hopped, and BC Rye Whiskies, to Gins, Vodkas, Fruit Liqueurs and Brandies, to Aquavit and even Taboo Genuine Absinthe. Since the onset of coronavirus they have also been producing an 80% hand sanitizer which is available from their online store.

Park Distillery – Canadian Made Hand Sanitizer

An alcohol distillery and restaurant based out of Banff Alberta. They’re known for producing a variety of spirits including: vodka, gun, and rye. Since the outbreak they’ve also been producing hand sanitizer in personal and commercial quantities. Visit their website to purchase online.

Province Apothecary – Hand Sanitizer Made in Canada

Province Apothecary was founded by Julie Clark. She began crafting natural, organic beauty products out of her kitchen. The company sources their ingredients from across Canada (they have a map showing where everything comes from). Their products include: face serums, face balms, moisturizers, exfoliators, bath +body oils, incense, and more all made in Canada.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic that have been producing their own hand sanitizer: “Fresh alcohol-based hand sanitizer effective in destroying (harmful) bacteria to provide antiseptic cleansing. FDA Approved. Made from Ethyl Alcohol 95%.”

Visit their website to purchase.

Puur Cosmetics – Canadian Made Hand Sanitizer

Puur Cosmetics produces skin and body care products. They also now produce hand sanitizer hand-made in Burnaby British Columbia.

“Hand crafted in small batches, our hand sanitizer contains 70% denatured alcohol, aloe gel and glycerin to maintain moisture.  This non sticky gel sanitizer works to kill bacteria and germs when hand washing is not possible.  Available in 240 ml and 30 ml pocket size.” They offer free shipping on orders over $65. Order online.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company – Canadian Made Hand Sanitizer

Canadian owned and located in the Rockies they produce all natural and chemical free: face, body, and hair care products. Since the coronavirus pandemic Rocky Mountain Soap Company has begun production of hand sanitizer as well.

“Uplift your spirits while eliminating germs from your skin with this refreshing and moisturizing all natural Lemongrass Hand Sanitizer. This Health Canada and NHP-certified cleansing gel contains 60-80% Ethyl Alcohol while Mushroom-derived Chitosan acts as a non-drying agent to keep your skin smooth and moisturized.”

Available online or various stores east to Toronto.

Shelter Point Distillery – Canadian Made Hand Sanitizer

Shelter Point Distillery has been around since 2011 based out of Oyster River British Columbia, on Vancouver Island. Prior to the pandemic they produced hard liquor including: vodka, gun, and whiskey. Since COVID-19 they’ve also added alcohol based hand sanitizer to their product line-up. Their hand sanitizer is available online, they also offer free shipping on orders over $89.

Skunkworks Distillery – Canadian Made Hand Sanitizer

Skunkworks Distillery is mostly known for their spirits. They are based out of Calgary Alberta. Since the coronavirus pandemic they’ve been producing hand sanitizer made in Canada. With an online purchase of spirits they include hand sanitizer for free as well.

Solvable – Hand Sanitizer Made in Canada

“Solvable Hand Sanitizer helps to kill germs on your hands without irritating or drying out your skin. Our easy-to-use instant hand sanitizer works without the use of water and the clear-gel formula is fragrance free and hypo-allergenic. Maintaining clean hands is a very important step in preventing the spread of germs, simply pour a moderate amount onto your hands and massage thoroughly until dry.”

Their products can be found at several major retailers including: Lowes, Canadian Tire, Co-op, Home Hardware, Rona, and more.

Stillhead Distillery Inc. – Canadian Made Hand Sanitizer

Stillhead Distillery is a family owned distillery located in the Cowichan Valley (Duncan British Columbia). They produce high-quality spirits using local ingredients. They’ve received international awards including:

  • Platinum Medal: London Dry Gin, Los Angeles Sip Awards
  • Gold Medal: Wild Blackberry Infused Vodka, Northwest Wine Summit
  • Silver Medal: Prime 1 Vodka, Los Angeles Sip Awards

Since the coronavirus pandemic they’ve also joined the battle and have been producing an alcohol based hand sanitizer made in Canada. Visit their website to purchase yours from their online store.

Taynton Bay Spirits – Hand Sanitizer Made in Canada

Taynton Bay Spirits produces liquor out of Invermere British Columbia. They’ve joined the battle on the pandemic by producing hand sanitizer as well. You can purchase varying quantities from their online store.

Unica Canada – Hand Sanitizer Made in Canada

Unica Canada produces several household cleaning products made in Canada, including hand sanitizer. They’re also known for producing many other products including: laundry detergent, soaps, deinfectants, degreases, car care products, and more. They are based out of Boucherville, Quebec. The company was founded as ‘Savons Unica’ in 1965 by Maurice Arama, and was originally known various hand soaps, mostly used by mechanics.

Clearway Supply – Hand Sanitizer Made in Canada

Clearway Supply sells hand sanitizer made in Canada. This hand sanitizer has been approved for use by health Canada. They are based in Gibson British Columbia and have a partnership with The 101 Brewery and Distillery who manufactures the hand sanitizer in their brewery. You can order small personal bottles or larger ones suitable for any size business. Visit their website to buy online, ship’s in 1-2 business days.

Zytec Germ Buster – Hand Sanitizer Made in Canada

Zytec Germ Buster produces hand sanitizer that is proudly made in Canada. Zytec Germ Buster was founded in 2004. Their hand sanitizers are available in both alcohol and alcohol-free versions and contain essential moisturizers to keep your skin smooth. Visit their website to find a local retailer which carries their products.