Furniture Made in Canada

Douglas by Novosbed – Canadian Made Mattresses

Founded in 2009 in Edmonton AB, Novosbed became Canada’s top rated online mattress brand. By manufacturing and shipping exclusively in Canada, Douglas’ carbon footprint is greatly reduced. All 3 foam layers, fabrics, covers, and even packaging are sourced from Canadian suppliers and the finished product is crafted in Ontario, Canada. Available from their online store.

Dream Designs – Canadian Made Mattresses

Founded in 1981 in Vancouver BC. Dream Designs makes and sells natural organic textiles including mattresses. They design, create and sell their products all in Canada in their factory in Burnaby BC. Available in their online store and retailers across Canada.

Endy – Canadian Made Mattresses

Endy Mattresses are 100% Canadian made at every stage of the process by their skilled and special tradespeople. They only use the highest graded materials sourced from Canadian foam and textile producers. All of the mattresses are made and assembled in Quebec and shipped out of their distribution centres in Ontario and British Columbia. Available online and through retailers across Canada.

Essentia – Canadian Made Mattresses

Essentia mattresses are made from rubber tree sap and known for their outrageous comfort and support.
Made in Essentia’s GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified factory, you’ll find Essentia mattresses recommended by pro athletes, celebrities and health gurus alike. Available in their online store and retailers in BC, AB, ON, and QC.

Fleep – Canadian Made Mattresses

Founded in 2014 just outside of Montreal. Fleep is the only dual comfort reversible mattress sold online, this 100% Canadian mattress features the two most popular comfort levels, which together satisfy over 95% of the population. Available from their online store.

Hauser Stores – Canadian Made Patio Furniture

Founded by John Hauser over 60 years ago. An Austrian-trained fifth-generation blacksmith, John moved his entire family to Canada and set up for business in 1949. As patio furniture became increasingly popular the business slowly transitioned to today where they consider themselves to be a leader in it. All manufacturing is done within Canada and the business is still family owned being run by two generations of Hauser’s. Available online (make sure to consider shipping charges, shipping a sectional can be several hundreds of dollars), alternately they have several stores across Ontario.

Industrial Revolution – Canadian Made Furniture

A family owned business founded in 1981. It is still run by their original founder: Alan Wilson. They are consistently searching for companies that align with their green vision and “buying Canadian,” whenever possible. Can be purchased at their store in Vancouver and online.

Kavuus – Canadian Made Furniture

Kavuus produces furniture made in Canada.  In the beginning they were an online furniture retailer but after frustrations dealing with wait-times for overseas deliveries they setup their own factory in British Columbia and began manufacturing their own furniture.  They sell directly to their customers with no middle-man to help keep costs greatly reduced.  They create sofas, sectionals, tables, chair and more so be sure to check out their store and order yours.

Matelas Princesse – Canadian Made Mattresses

Matelas Princesse manufactures and sells mattresses in their factory in Montreal. They have a showroom with more than 20 floor models to choose from: soft, medium, firm and everything in between. They’ll show you what goes into your mattress, if you want, they’ll even make it in front of you, that’s something no retail store can do, they can because they’re the manufacturer. Available in their store in Montreal and their online store.

Sleep Country – Canadian Mattress Retailer

Sleep Country is the #1 Mattress retailer in Canada. Founded in 1994 by Christine Magee, Stephen Gunn and Gordon Lownds in Vancouver, BC. Today, Sleep Country has grown to over 250 stores across Canada. It is a publicly traded company under the ticker “ZZZ”. They are found within their own stores across Canada.

Swiftspace – Canadian Office Furniture

“Swiftspace is a Canadian company located in Kitchener, Ontario. We were built on the belief that employees deserve aesthetically pleasing but functional workspaces that can easily adapt and reconfigure to how they want to work.  Our solutions replace traditional workstations that are immobile, inflexible, and are very labor-intensive to set up and takedown.

Swiftspace’s many product lines (manufactured in Kitchener, ON) provide a comprehensive solution that will meet the needs of any organization’s workspace requirements, from private or collaborative individual spaces to multi-person meeting areas. Swiftspace products allow organizations to reconfigure their workspaces, without the use of tools or professional installers, within minutes. Swiftspace products create flexible, accessible office systems that can be adapted to handle the always-present need to change and evolve in order to survive.”

Urban Tree Salvage – Canadian Made Furniture

Urban Tree Salvage is a family owned and operated business creating made in Canada furniture since 2004.  They use salvaged wood to create their unique furniture, and produce it all in Toronto Ontario.  They specialize in live edge tables, shelves, mantles, benches, and more.  Be sure to visit their website, they ship Canada-wide!

Velago: Patio Furniture – Canadian Furniture Retailer

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Velago Patio Furniture is a retailer for designer outdoor furniture. They are Canadian owned and are pleased to deliver the highest quality products to customers throughout Canada and the US. They believe being in the local marketplace makes a difference to our customers (it does). Velago delivers its outlet priced patio furniture from the Greater Toronto Area all over Canada.