Frozen Treats and Ice Cream Made in Canada

Chapman’s – Canadian Made Ice Cream

Founded in 1973 in Markdale Ontario. They produce ice cream and frozen yogurt (including peanut free and gluten free options). Manufactured in Markdale using 100% Canadian Dairy, Chapman’s is Canada’s largest independent ice cream company, and is still family owned.
Available in grocery stores across the country.

Chimp Treats – Canadian Made Dessert

Founded in 2016 in Colborne, Ontario. A vegan university student that was a varsity runner and competitive cheerleader had an idea to make a cold treat using 3 ingredients (bananas, mangoes, and strawberries) making it into an ultra-healthy, delicious frozen dessert called Nicecream. Available in stores across the country, check out their website for a list.

Cows Ice Cream – Canadian Made Ice Cream

Cows is a chain of ice cream parlours.  They began in Prince Edward Island in 1993 and have since expanded to 9 locations across Canada with 1 in the United States.  They have many different types of ice cream and also have butter and cheese products.

Kawartha Dairy – Canadian Made Ice Cream, Milk, Butter, and Cream

Founded in 1937 in Bobcaygeon Ontario, they produce ice cream, milk, butter, and cream. Everything is manufactured in Bobcaygeon using local dairy from the local farmers. Unfortunately their products are only found in grocery stores across Ontario.

La Diperie – Canadian Made Ice Cream

La Diperie is an ice cream store which was founded in 2014 in Montreal.  They have locations across southern Ontario and Quebec, with 1 in Alberta.

“La Diperie was born from a growing desire to offer a product that is original, of higher quality, attractive to the eye and delicious.”

Screamin Brothers – Canadian Made Frozen Treats

Screamin Brothers was founded in 2010 in Lethbridge Alberta by ten year old JR Wikkerink. After the disaster from the earthquake in Haiti, he began selling his gluten free and allergen free frozen treats to help raise money for the people of Haiti. Screamin Brothers can be found on the shelves of 700+ retailers across Canada.

Shaw’s Ice Cream – Canadian Made Ice Cream

Founded in 1948 in downtown St. Thomas Ontario. They make ice cream in St. Thomas, using only the best ingredients and 100% Canadian Dairy. Only available in Southern Ontario, but they have many locations across the area.