Footwear Made in Canada

We’ve stuck some made in Canada footwear in the Outdoors section so make sure you check that out too.  Canada has an excellent selection of made in Canada footwear and boots, so there’s no excuses for not being able to find something made within the country.  Check out our list here of Canadian made boots and footwear.  Enjoy.

Alberta Boots

Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Calgary, they produce cowboy boots. They are the only western boot maker with a solid reputation built on quality products and excellent customer service. They are manufactured in Calgary in their retail location.

Canada West Boots

Founded in 1978 in Manitoba they produce a variety of footwear. Although unable to purchase footwear online, they have multiple retail locations across Canada in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime’s. Footwear is still manufactured in their Winnipeg Facility with no imports of finished footwear in their line.

Dayton Boots

Founded in 1946 and headquartered in Vancouver, they produce hand-crafted leather boots. Their products are still crafted by hand in the same original Vancouver factory from 1946.

The Great Canadian Sox Co.

Founded in 1934 in Ontario they produce socks for the extreme cold weather. These socks are produced using unique blends of fibres like Merino wool, combed cotton, rayon from bamboo, Coolmax and celliant. They are designed and made in Toronto.

Kamik – Canadian Made Footwear

Founded in 1898 and headquartered in Contrecoeur, Quebec. 73% of their products are from North America, you can select “Made in Canada” to separate from the other items. They are made in Canada, have a significant recycling program and use greener manufacturing initiatives. Their rubber is sourced from Japan.

Mellow Walk – Canadian Made Footwear

Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Toronto they handcraft footwear. They use local suppliers whenever possible, though some required materials are not available in Canada so have had to import from overseas.

Padraig Cottage – Canadian Made Slippers

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in North Vancouver, they produce handmade slippers. These slippers are found in boutiques across North America and Europe. Still independently owned and operated. Each pair of slippers are hand crocheted and hand dyed making each pair one of a kind. They employ more than 30 local artists, ensuring product quality and support of the local community.

Pipsneaks – Canadian Made Kids Shoes

A married duo out of Vancouver make and produce shoes for kids and infants.  Galen and Melissa produced their first set during a baby shower, and have been producing them ever since.  Officially launching in 2018 we’re wishing them a lot of success.  Check them out from their online store.

Royer – Canadian Made Boots

Founded in 1934 in Quebec they produce high-quality work boots. Canadian-made products comprise 50% of their product line, while securing over 100 jobs. In 2015, they introduced the ROYER AGILITY land operation boot made specially for the Canadian Armed Forces. This product is entirely made in Canada. Found in various retailers across the country. They can also be found at (featured in our Outdoors section.)

SoftMoc – Canadian Made Footwear

Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Toronto they were originally named “The Canadian Moccasin Company” starting in a 300 sq.ft. store in Toronto. In 1996 SoftMoc became the first Online Shoe Store in Canada. In 2016 they had 112 stores nationwide and in every province. They remain one of the only Canadian owned and operated national footwear retailers. They do carry many different brand name shoes but they also have their own line: “Made in Canada Moccasins” which are still manufactured and designed in Canada today.

Terra- Canadian Made Work Boots

Coming out of Cambridge, Ontario.  They produce a variety of work boots.  Their basic model the Replay is made in Canada.  Can be found in a variety of retailers or online as well.

Viberg – Canadian Made Footwear

Founded in 1931 and headquartered in Victoria BC they produce footwear. Manufactured in Victoria, using traditional manufacturing methods in their factory. They source only the best materials, but are from around the world.