Face Masks Made in Canada

Since the coronavirus pandemic has hit, many Canadian brands have gone into full-time production of face masks. Many of these are some of your favourite clothing brands but also some stand-alone start-up businesses as well. Check out our list, buy some Canadian face masks, support our Canadian economy, and protect each other.

Ellie Mae – Canadian Made Face Masks


Ellie Mae is a women’s fashion brand which produces their line in Canada. “As part of this process, we embrace high quality fabrics, local production and nostalgia to make one-of-a-few pieces that spark joy.” They offer outerwear, jackets, tops, bottoms, dresses, sweaters, and accessories. Since the coronavirus pandemic they’ve also started to produce face masks. Visit their website to shop online.

Encircled – Canadian Made Face Masks


Encircled was founded in 2012 by Kristi Soomer. Encircled makes their clothing 100% in Canada, specifically in Toronto Ontario. Their products include tops, dresses, skirts, blouses, pants, leggings, jackets, blazers, and more. Since the coronavirus pandemic they’ve also begun producing face masks. Visit their website to make a purchase from their online store.

FIG – Canadian Made Face Masks


FIG is a women’s Canadian clothing brand that “Offer the ultimate solution for active and modern women travellers seeking elegant, comfortable and ethical clothing.” Their products include: jumpsuits, jackets, tops, cardigans, skirts, dresses, pants, shorts, tunics, and more. FIG is based out of Montreal Quebec, with the majority of their clothing Canadian made in factories in Quebec and Ontario. Since the pandemic they’ve also been producing face masks. Visit their website to make a purchase.

Horses Atelier – Canadian Made Face Masks


Horse Atelier is a Canadian women’s fashion brand. The company was founded in 2012 with everything being made in Canada (Toronto specifically). They’re most well known for their jumpsuits but also sell jackets, dresses, tops, bottoms, and more. Since the coronavirus pandemic they’ve also started producing face masks. Visit their website to check them out and to buy.

Jerico – Canadian Made Face Masks


Jerico started out in 1987 as a family owned business created by two brothers and two sisters. They’ve managed to keep manufacturing of their products within Canada for all these years, which they admit, was not easy. Their products include: t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, golf shirts, polos, and sweat pants. Since the COVID-19 pandemic they’ve also begun making face masks as well. Visit their website to check them out.

Park & Fifth – Canadian Made Face Masks


Park & Fifth is a Canadian brand which produces many different types and styles of dresses. They are based out of Vancouver British Columbia where they also produce their dresses. Their styles include: house dresses, bridal, special occasion, satin, and curve&maternity. Since the coronavirus pandemic they’ve also been producing face masks. Visit their online store to check them out.

Le Chateau – Canadian Made Face Masks

Le Chateau is a Canadian clothing brand which began in Montreal in 1959. Since then they’ve grown to 133 locations across Canada, employing over 1600 people. 30% of their garments are made in their Canadian production facility. On their website you can filter the “made in Canada collection”, items made in Canada also have a red Canadian leaf. It seems as though it is only their women’s clothing which is actually made in Canada, of which they have plenty to choose from: tops, bottoms, dresses, skirts, jackets, accessories, and more. Since the pandemic they’ve also been producing face masks. Visit their website, just remember to filter made in Canada before purchasing.

Mackage – Canadian Made Face Masks


Mackage is normally known for their winter jackets and fashion line. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like their jackets or clothing are made in Canada. Since the pandemic they have been producing face masks which ARE made in Canada. They offer their face masks in a variety of colours. Visit their website to buy yours online.

Modern Masks – Canadian Made Face Masks


Modern Masks is a Calgary-based, female owned, Canadian company which produces face masks.

“We are dedicated to our community and giving back via the Crochet Initiative to frontline workers and healthcare heroes. We want to encourage Canadians to wear masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19, so we started to make reusable fitted masks made with comfort and style in mind.”

They ship masks to anywhere in North America. Visit their website to purchase yours.

Muttonhead – Canadian Made Face Masks


Muttonhead was founded in 2009 in Toronto Ontario. “Our main focus is slow design – a counter movement to fast fashion. Incorporating slow design while using high quality, durable fabrics allows for our products to outlast trends.” On their website they have the “anatomy of a Muttonhead sweater” where it shows the labels being woven in Markham Ontario, being cut and sewn in Scarborough Ontario, and the fabric knit in Mississauga Ontario. The sell a variety of apparel, outerwear, and accessories: t-shirts, sweaters, sweat pants, jackets, boots, hats, face masks, bags, belts, and socks. Visit their website to check them out.

Noize – Canadian Made Face Masks


Prior to the coronavirus pandemic Noize was known for their outerwear clothing line, producing various types of jackets. Unfortunately these items were produced in China. Since the pandemic they’ve begun producing face masks which are made in Canada. Visit their website to purchase their face masks online.

Peace Collective – Canadian Made Face Masks


Peace Collective was founded by Yanal who wore his “Toronto vs Everybody” T-shirt to a Toronto Raptors Game. Since that moment in 2014 things really began to take off. It’s important to realize that not all of their products are made in Canada, but they do have a section dedicated to those that are (linked above). Their made in Canada line is rather limited but they do have hoodies, sweatpants, sweaters, and face masks.

The Peoples Mask – Canadian Made Face Masks


The Peoples Mask was founded by two Canadians from across the country from one another. With backgrounds in swimsuit fashion, supply chain management, and technology they created The Peoples Mask. All of their face masks are made in Canada. Visit their website to buy your face mask online.

Preloved – Canadian Made Face Masks


Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Scarborough, Ontario they produce reclaimed fabric clothing. All design, manufacturing, marketing, and shipping done in Canada. They’ve begun producing face masks since the COVID-19 pandemic as well. Visit their website to check out their products.

Province of Canada – Canadian Made Face Masks


Province of Canada is a Canadian brand of clothing manufacturer. They are based out of Toronto Ontario and were founded by a couple who met in Montreal in 2005. This company seems to truly embrace the made in Canada movement and have made it part of their core mission. They produces a variety of men’s, women’s, and kids fashions including: t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, dresses, sweatpants, activewear, and face masks. Visit their website to shop from their online store.

Tuck Shop Trading Co. – Canadian Made Face Masks


Tuck Shop Trading Co. is a Canadian clothing brand produces men’s and women’s styles. Their products include: tees, sweaters, swimwear, coats, lounge, thermal, and more. Each item description clearly mentions where the item is produced the majority in Canada and in Toronto Ontario specifically. Their denim does appear to be made elsewhere so just be aware of that. Since COVID-19 they have also begun making face masks. Visit their online store to check them out.

UNTTLD – Canadian Made Face Masks


UNTTLD is a Canadian women’s fashion brand which is all made in Canada. Their products include: dresses, pants, skirts, and tops. Since COVID-19 they have also started producing face masks. “At UNTTLD, the collections are designed to let the woman’s personality and style shine through sensual tailoring, rich materials and impeccable fit.” Visit their website to buy yours.