Cosmetics, Hair Care, and Makeup Made in Canada

Aqua Skincare – Canadian Skin Care

Aqua Skincare specializes in producing lotions, serums, cleansers, toners, and creams. They were founded in 2014 and have their headquarters in Calgary Alberta. Their products can be bought from their online store, Amazon, and retailers worldwide.

Cake Beauty – Canadian Made Hair Care

Cake Beauty produces cosmetics in Canada and the UK. The company is headquartered in Toronto and is owned by Marc Anthony (also featured on our site!) They do not test on animals, are vegan, and natural (free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and talc). They carry shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, lotions, creams, scrubs and body washes all made in Canada.

Cheeky Cosmetics – Canadian Cosmetics

Cheeky Cosmetics hand-makes various made in Canada makeup including: eye shadow, eye liner, foundation, concealer, blush, lip stick, lip gloss, and chap stick. They manufacture their products in the Okanagan Valley, BC. Their products are vegan and have also not been tested on animals. They use only pure, high quality minerals and other natural and certified organic ingredients.

Cheekbone Beauty – Canadian Made Makeup

Cheekbone Beauty is an Indigenous owned and founded Canadian Cosmetics company which was founded in 2016. Their headquarters is in St.Catherines Ontario. They produce made in Canada lip gloss, lip stick, and facial highlighter. Their products are vegan, paraben free, and not tested on animals. You can purchase their products from their online store.

Flawless By Friday – Canadian Cosmetics

Flawless By Friday is Canadian owned out of Toronto. It is a revolutionary Canadian beauty brand that combines state of the art technology with proven natural ingredients to minimize time and maximize results. Available online and at The Bay.

Lush – Canadian Made Cosmetics

Control of this company is still retained by half ownership of Canadians. They began in 1996 in Vancouver, BC. Manufacturing of their products takes place in Toronto and Vancouver. They carry a comprehensive list of made in Canada products (bar soap, shower gels, body scrubs, shower bombs, shaving creams, body cleansers, body butters, body conditioners, shampoo and shampoo bars, conditioners, hair treatments, hair styling products, face cleaners and scrubs, toners and steamers, masks, makeup, lip scrubs and balm, teeth products, shaving, body lotions, massage bars, hand care, foot care, deodorants, and perfume and body sprays).

MAC (Make-Up Art Cosmetics) – Canadian Made Makeup

MAC started in Toronto by makeup artist and photographer Frank Toskan and salon owner Frank Angelo. They are on the stock market under Estee Lauder. They first started making the cosmetics in their kitchen and sold them straight from the salon to other makeup artists, models and photographers. In 1984 they opened their first counter in a Toronto department store. Today, they are considered the world’s leading beauty trendsetter.  Check out their “Canadian Originals” link to find their made in Canada lipsticks, eye shadow, and foundations.

Marc Anthony Cosmetics – Canadian Made Hair Care and Cosmetics

Created by Marc Anthony half a decade after winning the International World Hair Styling Championship in Los Angeles. The company released their first product in 1995 and has been growing ever since into one of the premier brands in Canada. They are headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Not all of their products are made in Canada, but most descriptions online will let you know so just be sure to do extra research while shopping. These products are available from almost all major Canadian retailers throughout the country.

Pure Anada – Canadian Made Cosmetics

Pure Anada is a Canadian Cosmetics company headquartered in Morden Manitoba. They have a comprehensive line (what I mean by this is they literally carry everything from what I can tell) of Canadian made makeup. Their products are cruelty-free, majority are vegan, paraben-free, and free from the “dirty dozen“.

NudeStix – Canadian Made Makeup

Founded in Toronto Ontario and are Canadian owned. NudeStix are a collection of easy to use makeup crayons that cover all the bases and give you a nude look. Their crayons are free of Preservatives, Parabens, Gluten and are Cruelty Free. Available online and at Sephora.

Stellar Beauty – Canadian Made Cosmetics

Founded by Indian-Born, Canadian-raised Monika Deol in Toronto Ontario. Stellar is a revolutionary, high-performance line of makeup that delivers to all skin tones while paying serious attention to medium skin tones. Stellar Beauty is Canadian owned , and available online and at Sephora.