Cookware Made in Canada

Iron Cookware Made in Canada – Bristow Iron Works

Bristow Iron Works is a Canadian owned company that produces iron cookware made in Canada.  They’re located near Bracebridge Ontario and are working to keeping the art of cast-iron alive.  When the pans are properly seasoned they act as the original non-stick and they’ve been unable to duplicate this style of pan synthetically.  They produce cast iron pots, pans, roasters, kettles, and more.  They prefer to handle all orders through email and they do ship across the country.  Email them from their contact page to place an order.

Broiler and Grill Brushes Made in Canada – Chef Felton

Chef Felton broiler and grill brushes are 100% made in Canada with only the highest quality of North American materials available.  They claim that their brushes are the most durable on the market.  With accidental injuries from swallowing wires growing it’s important to have a quality brush and it sounds like this company has that in mind.  They are Canadian owned with manufacturing done in Hamilton Ontario.  Check out their website to buy yours.

Cookware Made in Canada – Kuraidori Cookware

Kuraidori produces cookware exclusively for Home Hardware.  We’ve heard mixed reviews on this one on whether or not it truly is made in Canada.  At one time this line was also made in China and it may still be.  Apparently their packages are labelled “made in Canada”.  Would like to hear from anyone who makes a purchase and can confirm.

Cookware Made in Canada – Meyer

Meyer produces Canadian made cookware from their factory located in PEI.  Meyer is a world-wide company with factories across the globe, because of this it is possible that something purchased from them is not made in Canada.  Products include pots, pans, and more.  Their products can be found in retailers across the country (check their website to find the nearest to you) or purchase online.

Cookware Made in Canada – Paderno

Paderno produces cookware made in Canada.  Their products include: full cookware sets, skillets, frying pans, pans, roasters, and more.  Their factory is located on PEI.  All of their products are designed in Canada but not all are actually manufactured here.  Use their store locator on their website to find the location nearest to you.

Iron Cookware Made in Canada – Willow Creek Forge

Willow Creek Forge produces various pans made in Canada.  Martin Reinhard is a Master Blacksmith who produces these products. His workshop is located in Alberta.  Checkout his online store to take a look.