Made in Canada Coffee and Tea

On August 26, 2014, Burger King purchased Tim Hortons. The chain became a subsidiary of the Oakville-based holding company Restaurant Brands International on December 15, 2014, which is majority-owned by Brazilian investment firm 3G Capital. Like most Canadians we loved our Tim Hortons, but since this we have been searching for alternatives. You can’t go wrong with your local shops so support them.

23 Degrees Roastery – Canadian Made Coffee

23 Degrees Roastery produces coffee in Toronto Ontario Canada. Their company is based on a longitude which corresponds to where the majority of coffee beans originate on the planet. Their key values: specialty green coffee beans, certified fair trade, certified organic, local roasting, and freshly roasted coffee. Visit their website to purchase yours online.

23 degrees roastery best canadian coffee

49th Parallel Coffee Roasters – Canadian Made Coffee

49th Parallel Coffee Roasters’ is Canadian owned and operated with a mission statement to: “Craft exceptional coffee that is sustainably sourced and brings a spirit of discovery.” They are based out of Vancouver, BC, roasting coffee in one of their five coffee roasters. They send their team members to where they source their beans to ensure the highest qualities. They produce different blends of coffee throughout the year. Use their website to find a local location or to buy online.

49th parallel coffee roasters best canadian made coffee

Arrowhead Coffee Company – Canadian Made Coffee

Arrowhead Coffee Company is Canadian owned and operated, and a Veteran owned business. They were inspired by their deployments with the Canadian Armed Forces. They have several different coffee blends, with everything roasted in Canada. Visit their website to buy online, or to find a local retailer.

Bean North Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd.

Bean North Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd. is based out of Whitehorse, Yukon. They produce Canadian made coffee right from their roastery. Like many Canadian roastery’s they belong to the Cooperative Coffees to ensure fair and equitable trade for green coffee beans. Whether you’re looking for a dark roast, decaf, espresso, light, or medium roasts they have it all. Visit their website to order yours, they also do a subscription service.

David’s Tea – Canadian Made Tea

Founded in 2008 in Toronto, they are a publicly traded company. They have over 150 types of teas, including exclusive blends, limited edition seasonal collections, traditional straight teas and exotic infusions from around the globe. Not to mention the largest collection of organic teas and infusions in North America. They have locations all across Canada.

Detour Coffee Roasters – Canadian Made Tea and Coffee

Detour Coffee Roasters was founded in 2009 in Dundas Ontario. They believe in sourcing their own green coffee beans and roasting right to order. They’re believers in specialty coffees and make an effort to stay current on the latest trends. Detour Coffee Roasters has several different blends, espresso, decaf, dark roast, and tea. Visit one of their local shops, visit a local retailer, or order online.

Discovery Coffee – Canadian Made Coffee

Founded in 2004 in Victoria BC. Discovery Coffee hand select their green beans from farmers all over the world and roast them in-house, at their freshest. By roasting in small batches and pairing beans to specific brew methods, they introduce their customers to new coffees and unique brews every day. Available in their 5 locations in Victoria BC as well as their online store.

Just Us – Canadian Made Coffee and Tea

Founded in 1995, Just Us is a worker owned co-op producing coffee and tea made in Canada. They’re based out of Hortonville Nova Scotia where they have a few coffee shops in addition to their roastery. They source their coffee beans from Laos, Peru, Honduras, Columbia and likely others as well. Enjoy their decaf, light roast coffee, medium roast coffee, and dark roast. Visit their website to buy yours.

Kicking Horse Coffee – Canadian Made Coffee

In 1996, two young entrepreneurs moved to Invermere BC and started roasting small batches of good coffee beans in their garage. Their made in Canada coffee is Organic, Fairtrade, and roasted in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Their coffee can be bought online and across Canada.

Level Ground – Canadian Made Coffee and Tea

Level Ground began roasting coffee in Canada in 1997 from Victoria BC. Level Ground is focused on fair trade and green initiatives. Some facts from their green initiatives:

  • stick to a ‘zero to landfill’ mandate for our office & roasting facility.
  • compost over 20,000 lbs of organic matter and reclaim 24,000 empty coffee packages/year.
  • pay staff to bike, carpool or bus to work – this saves nearly 52,000 kms/year. That is almost one and a half times around the world!

Visit their website to buy online, or to arrange a local pickup.

level ground Canadian made tea

Murchie’s – Canadian Made Tea and Coffee

John Murchie moved to the West Coast from Scotland and opened their first location in 1894. He became familiar with the types of teas the Queen preferred and as his knowledge of tea grew, he started experimenting with blending teas on his own. The art of blending made in Canada tea has been passed down along with his dedication to providing the best quality products. With over 130 varieties of tea and 25 coffee roasts, they have something for everyone. It can be bought from 9 locations in the Greater Victoria and Vancouver area as well as their online store.

OneCoffee – Canadian Made Coffee Pods

OneCoffee was launched by Canadian owned Canterbury in 2013. They’re mission is to create a more sustainable option for single serve coffee pods and they’ve done that in a compostable form. Their core business values are beliefs in being organic, compostable, and free trade. Visit their website to find a local retailer or buy online.

Pilot Coffee Roasters – Canadian Made Tea and Coffee

Andy and Jessie Wilkin founded Pilot Coffee Roasters in 2009 in Toronto Ontario. They’ve based their “core values of sourcing ethical, Direct Trade coffee and building transparency in the process from farm to cup.” In 2014 they won Micro Roaster of the Year honours from Roast Magazine. They produce many interesting coffee blends: Heritage (toffee and milk chocolate), Academy ( citrus and caramel), Anthem (apricot and cranberry), and many more. They have several locations in Toronto, you can also purchase their coffee from their online store.

Pluck Tea – Canadian Made Tea

Pluck Tea is a Canadian Tea producer based out of Toronto Ontario. It began in 2012 by someone fed up with the poor quality of restaurant tea. Their teas are “infused with local ingredients from Prince Edward County lavender, to cranberries from Nova Scotia, and grape skins from the Southbrook Vineyards in Niagara. Doing this ensures that every tea is unique and unmistakably Pluck.” The majority of the tea packaging is done in Toronto. They ship tea worldwide. Product lines include: loose tea, bagged tea, matcha, iced tea sachets, superfine latte blends, and more. Purchase online from their store.

Reunion Coffee Roasters – Canadian Made Tea and Coffee

Reunion Coffee Roasters was founded in 1995 by Peter Pesce with a mission to produce coffee from seed to cup. They are based out of Oakville Ontario using a plant powered by renewable energy. In 2018 they were named one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers, and one of Canada’s Greenest Employers. They’re a Certified B corporation (meeting the highest standards for social and environmental impact). Shop for whole bean, coffee pods, bagged tea, or tea pods from their website.

Salt Spring Coffee – Canadian Made Coffee

Salt Spring Coffee began with two entrepreneurs: Mickey McLeod and Robbyn Scott. The first coffee shop was opened on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia in 1996. They believe in organic and fair trade coffee made in Canada. Use their store locator to find Salt Spring Coffee near you, they can be found all across Canada.

Second Cup Coffee Co. – Canadian Made Coffee

Second Cup is the largest Canadian specialty coffee retailer, proudly serving premium coffee and great opportunities since 1975. Their expertly handcrafted beverages are made using the highest grade of specialty Arabica coffees that come from some of the most socially and environmentally conscious farms around the globe. They are headquartered in Mississauga and have stores across Canada.

St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters – Canadian Made Tea and Coffee

St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters produces coffee and tea made in Canada. Their mission is to: organic fairtrade fresh air-roasted coffee that makes you feel as good as it tastes. The company has many initiatives to contribute to the green movement: using Omnidegradable packaging, reusing shipping materials, composting by-products, and running a certified organic operation. All their coffee is roasted to order from their 17.5 acre farm on St. Joseph Island. Visit their website to buy yours.

St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters Coffee made in Canada