Made in Canada Clothing

Here’s a list for some made in Canada clothing. We’re always adding to our list so feel free to send in a submission.

3C Underwear – Canadian Men’s Underwear

After years of testing they came up with a functional underwear design that is cool and free of chaffing.  All manufacturing is done in Toronto.  Check them out on their online store.

60°N 95°W – Canadian Clothing

Their mission has been to create a line of quality fleece and casual wear that reflects Canada in a manner that’s unique from the rest. All their manufacturing is done in Canada and they’ve even teamed up with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield to bring another collection to their brand. Available from their online store.

Abaka – Canadian Made Clothing

A Canadian owned company who manufactures clothing in Quebec while maintaining an eco-friendly mentality. They have clothing for men, women, and kids. They have 2 stores near Montreal or can be bought from their online store.

Alberta Apparel- Canadian Made Clothing

A Canadian owned company who cuts and sews all their clothing in Alberta. Products include: shirts, sweaters, toques, hats, as well as accessories. They even mention that they try to hire local talent as well from: web designers to photographers. Available from their online store.

Arturo Denim Co. – Canadian Made Denim Jeans

“Ready to buy your new favourite jeans?” is there slogan. They were founded in 2015 and are manufactured and sewn in Quebec and Edmonton. They are available in their workshop/store in Edmonton or from their online store.

Bonnetier – Canadian Clothing, Men’s

They’re a clothing company that is made in Canada, specifically Quebec. They produce men’s, women’s, and children’s casual clothing. Their products include: t-shirts, with some sweats, dresses, and socks. Most garments are made from merino wool from New Zealand. Available from retailers around Montreal or from their online store.

Bon Vivant – Canadian Made Clothing

Manufactured in Montreal, they produce button-down shirts, pants, and shorts. Available online.

Buttercream Clothing – Canadian Clothing, Women’s

Founded in Kelowna, BC they produce a variety of women’s clothing. Everything is manufactured in Canada from one of their two facilities in either Kelowna or Calgary. Available from their online store.

Canada Goose – Canadian Made Jackets and Clothing

Founded in 1957 and headquartered in Toronto they create high-end outer wear that is stylish and extremely warm. Even though they are a publicly traded company, they have kept their products Canadian and manufacture them in Toronto and Winnipeg.

Egli’s Sheep Farm -Canadian Made Clothing

Founded in 1952 and headquartered in Minnitaki Ontario they are one of Canada’s largest wool and sheepskin specialty stores. Everything is designed and made on their farm using the sheep they raise.

Granted Clothing – Canadian Made Clothing

Headquartered in Vancouver and Canadian owned, they produce hand knit clothing including: sweaters, toques, mittens, vests, and scarves. Original items hand knit and sewn in Vancouver all day, available online.

Hemp and Co – Canadian Made Clothing

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Vancouver they produce clothing, accessories and body care made from natural ingredients only. Manufactured entirely in Canada; shop in Victoria and Vancouver BC.

Hendriklou – Canadian Made Clothing

Headquartered in Vancouver they produce quality hand knit sweaters and accessories utilizing natural and sustainable fibres including fair-trade alpaca, organic cotton linen, flax and silk.

Jennifer Glasgow – Canadian Made Clothing

Headquartered in Montreal they produce clothing and accessories. Her locally-made collections help limit a carbon footprint and sources organic fabrics from abroad with this same sensibility.

Local Laundry – Canadian Made Clothing


Their Local Collection was created to manifest the importance of “keeping things local,” from design to sourcing to manufacturing, they support the Canadian economy.  They’re a great company that actually brought their manufacturing into Canada from overseas.  Check them out online.

LOWELL – Canadian Made Clothing, Purses, Handbags, Accessories

LOWELL is based out of Montreal Quebec.  They have an extensive clothing line, just make sure you select the “made in Canada” option from the menu-bar.  Every “bag is thought of, designed, conceived and made in our workshops of MONTREAL CANADA”.  You can buy their made in Canada purses and handbags at retailers across the country or from their online store.

Naked and Famous Denim – Canadian Made Clothing

Their name pokes fun at our Hollywood obsessed culture. They pride themselves on not using celebrity endorsed advertising. All their products are manufactured in Canada. They are also producers of the “World’s Heaviest Jeans – Guaranteed uncomfortable. Courtesy of Naked & Famous Denim. You’re welcome!” Available online from Tate & Yoko their prices are in USD but offer a 20% discount to Canadian’s to offset.

Nights in White Flannel- Canadian Made Clothing

Headquartered in Durham, Ontario they produce handmade sleepwear using Canadian made components whenever possible but all products are cut and sewn in cottages across Canada. They are available for purchase from their online store.

Maritime Gear – Canadian Clothing

This brand is headquartered in Dartmouth, NS. They create casual unisex tees and sweats. All items are made in Canada and printed in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Available from their online store.

Message Factory – Canadian Made Clothing

Headquartered in Montreal they locally produce garments out of ecological or recycled fabrics. They pride themselves on producing locally, creating local jobs, and ensure that garment workers have safe working conditions, fair wages, and women are treated equally. Design, manufacturing, and shipping are all done within Canada.

Movement Global – Women’s Canadian Made Yoga Inspired Clothing

Made in Canada clothing inspired by Yoga. Their clothing is a cross between active-wear and everyday. Their clothing is either modular, reversible or both allowing you to continually change up your style. Products include: tops, bottoms, dresses, skirts, hoodies, jackets, wraps, eco bras, as well as a few items for men as well. Available from their online store.

Muskoka Bear Wear – Canadian Made Clothing

Making T-Shirts, sweats, socks, and jackets in the Muskoka Region, ON. They are also regularly donate to SickKids. They are available online.

Navas Lab – Canadian Made Clothing

Clothing made in Canada, right in Vancouver. Their products are designed for tall, slim men who apparently have a difficult time finding clothes which fit properly (I wouldn’t know). Products include: t-shirts, sweaters, shorts, and jackets. Available from their online store.

Preloved – Canadian Made Clothing

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Scarborough, Ontario they produce reclaimed fabric clothing. All design, manufacturing, marketing, and shipping done in Canada.

Roots – Canadian Made Clothing

An iconic Canadian Brand since 1973, headquartered in Toronto. Inspired by the rugged beauty of Algonquin Park, they produce hand-crafted leather goods designed and are made in Canada. Roots also has a Canadian leather manufacturing facility in Ontario.

Stede – Canadian Made Men’s Wear

Their factory and headquarters are located in Vancouver and produce men’s wear.  Their garments have limited production runs so if you see something you’re interested in make sure to grab it right away.  All their shirts are handmade with every aspect from design, sourcing, pattern making, grading, cut & sew, packaging and shipping all handled within the same building.  Check them out online or their local location in Vancouver.

String Theory – Canadian Made Clothing

Headquartered in Montreal, they produce shawls and handmade high-end scarves using: Italian merino, cashmere, knit; unique patterns. Products are handmade in Montreal and Toronto, produced and designed in Montreal and North Carolina.

Thawrih – Canadian Made Sports Hijabs and Sikh Sports Headgear

Founded in 2017 and manufactured in Ottawa by recent immigrants from Syria they hand-make Hijabs and headgear suited for playing sports. They feature some serious weightlifters on their website that mean business.

United Stock Dry Goods – Canadian Clothing, Men’s

Founded in 2012 in Toronto they produce men’s clothing, including jeans. Everything is manufactured in Canada. Available from their online store.


After producing products in Japan they built a factory in Vancouver in 2004 producing clothing and footwear for the luxury markets.  We cannot say they are 100% Canadian, but purchases sourced from their factory in Vancouver certainly helps local employment.  Check them out.