Canoes and Kayaks

Yes there’s actually a section dedicated to just Canoes and Kayaks. Are you really surprised? It’s part of our Canadian heritage.

Abitibi & Co.

I had to triple check that I spelt this one correctly. Canoes and kayaks created in Quebec. Canadian owned. They teamed up with Norquay Co. (featured below) to bring their artisan style of paddles to their canoes.

Atlantis Kayaks

A Canadian Company located in Nanaimo BC, they produce high quality composite kayaks.

Aquafusion Kayaks

Manufactured in London, Ontario alongside their Nova Craft Canoes brand. They don’t have any dealers west of Manitoba so you may need to travel some to get your hands on one.

Clearwater Design

Founded in Kingston Ontario in 1995, Clearwater Design’s is a family owned business. All canoes and kayaks are produced in Prince Edward, Ontario. They make a real commitment to being a more environmentally friendly company ensuring scrap pieces of polyethylene that are cut away during the trim process are recycled. Also their products come in biodegradable bags.

Norquay Co.

100% Canadian made and owned they produce hand-made Artisan canoe paddles. The paddles are made with Cherry wood sourced from Northern Ontario and then finished in their studio in Toronto. These paddles are works of art but apparently people will use them for their original intention as well. They’ve teamed up with Abitibi to bring the same style an artistry to canoes and kayaks.

Nova Craft Canoe

Founded in 1970 and manufactured in London Ontario alongside Aquafusion Kayaks. Their popularity has grown their dealer network across the world.

Swift Canoe & Kayak

Founded in 1984 and headquartered in South River Ontario, they produce canoes and kayaks They are produced in Canada and available throughout retailers in Canada or at their local stores in Ontario.