Canadian Kayaks and Canoes

Yes there’s actually a section dedicated to just Canadian Kayaks and Canoes. Are you really surprised? It’s part of our Canadian heritage and because of this you’ll find an abundance of Canadian options available. There are small builders which will take on construction of only a few crafts at a time, to larger scale producers taking advantage of more modern materials and methods. Whatever you’re looking for in a canoe or kayak I am certain you will find it here.

Abitibi & Co. – Canadian Kayaks and Canoes

I had to triple check that I spelled this one correctly. Canoes and kayaks created in Quebec. Canadian owned. They teamed up with Norquay Co. (featured below) to bring their artisan style of paddles to their canoes. You can tell they have a real commitment to the environment and to Canada with the information provided on their site. They have many different models available so it’s best to visit their website to check them out.

Aquafusion Kayaks – Canadian Kayaks

Manufactured in London, Ontario alongside their Nova Craft Canoes brand. They don’t have any dealers west of Manitoba so you may need to travel some to get your hands on one.

Atlantis Kayaks – Canadian Kayaks

A Canadian Company located in Nanaimo BC, they produce high quality composite kayaks. They have a few different models of kayaks to choose from including solo and tandem models. Visit them website to make a purchase.

Backcountry Custom Canoes – Canadian Kayaks and Canoes

Backcountry Custom Canoes makes Canadian kayaks and canoes out of Guelph Ontario. They have several different models available including: solo canoes, tandem canoes, sea kayaks, and custom boats. Visit their website and contact them if this sounds like something that may interest you.

Blue Otter Kayaks – Canadian Kayaks

Blue Otter Kayaks is a limited producer of high performance sea kayaks made in Canada. They are based out of Vancouver British Columbia. Their kayaks are made of fiberglass with each one having a cedar strip making them all unique. They have several different models of kayaks to choose from. Check out their website to see if you can find one for you.

Boreal Design – Canadian Kayaks

Since 1991 Boreal Design has produced Canadian Kayaks out of Montreal Quebec. They build kayaks in a variety of cutting-edge methods including: composite, thermoformed ABS and rotomolded HDPE models. They have an extensive list of models with varying styles and lengths. Visit their website to find a dealer across Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada.

Buckhorn Canoe Company – Canadian Canoes

Buckhorn Canoe Company is owned and operated by Dick Persson. He has been building canoes in Canada, specifically from Buckhorn Ontario (North of Peterborough). He and his team specialize in building, restoration and outfitting of traditional all-wood, wood-canvas canoes and small boats. They build a few different models and accept orders through their website.

Carrying Place Canoe & Boat Works Ltd.

Carrying Place Canoe & Boat Works Ltd. was founded by canoe builder and designer Joe Ziemba and he has been at it for nearly 27 years. He specializes in custom building cedar canvas canoes, cedar strip epoxy canoes and rowboats. All their models are unique to them and are only available at their shop. They have 25 different models, and range in size from 12′ to 18′. Visit their website and contact them to learn how to buy yours.

Claxton Canoe Company – Canadian Canoes

Claxton Canoe Company produces and sells hand-crafted custom wooden canoes and paddles, made from a variety of woods. It doesn’t seem like they actually have a traditional website but do have recent photos at the time of this writing (10 Feb 2020) of canoes being built on their Facebook page. Visit their company page and contact them if you’re interested in commissioning a custom canoe.

Clearwater Design – Canadian Kayaks and Canoes

Founded in Kingston Ontario in 1995, Clearwater Design’s is a family owned business. All canoes and kayaks are produced in Prince Edward, Ontario. They make a real commitment to being a more environmentally friendly company ensuring scrap pieces of polyethylene that are cut away during the trim process are recycled. Also their products come in biodegradable bags.

Clipper Canoes – Canadian Canoes

Clipper brand canoes are manufactured by Western Canoeing Manufacturing Inc. in Abbotsford British Columbia. The company has been producing Canadian canoes since 1976 and offer over 40 different models. They ship their products worldwide. Visit their website to find a dealer nearest to you and to check out what they have to offer.

Composite Creations – Canadian Kayaks and Canoes

Composite Creations have been building composite canoes and kayaks in Canada for over 16 years. They’re committed to bringing a product the customer wants. Everything they produce is made by hand in Vanastra, Ontario. Visit their website and check out what they produce.

I couldn’t find any pictures to show but they do have videos for each model. Here’s one to give you an idea:

Delta Kayaks – Canadian Made Kayaks

Delta Kayaks produces Canadian kayaks out of Maple Ridge British Columbia. Delta builds thermoformed touring kayaks because they believe in the technology using their state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. They have over 35 years of experience building kayaks. They have several different models falling under these kayak classifications: adventure rec, light touring, touring, and performance touring. Visit their website to find a Delta Kayak dealer nearest to you.

Esquif Canoes – Canadian Canoes

Esquif Canoes produces canoes in Quebec, Canada. They have several different styles of canoes to choose from: whitewater, touring, and sporting. Under those styles they offer many different models to choose from. They produce their canoes using T-Formex, a high tech ABS plastic laminate, specially designed for products that require structural memory and a resistance to abrasion and impacts. These characteristics makes it the best choice for recreational, whitewater, and expedition canoes. Esquif is the developer and manufacturer of T-Formex and all of the sheets are made in our Frampton, QC canoe factory. Visit their website to buy yours.

H2O Paddlesports Inc. – Canadian Canoes

H2O Paddlesports Inc. is family owned and operated building canoes in Canada since 2005. They build canoes from Lightweight Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, Innegra, Epoxy Canoes, and Rowing Shells. Their Facebook page shows a nice history of current and past projects. Whether you’re after a recreational canoe or a competitive canoe it looks like they will make something for you. Visit their website and check them out.

Headwater Canoes – Canadian Canoes

For over 30 years Headwater Canoes has built canoes in Canada, specifically in Gatineau Hills Quebec. They specialize in custom-built wooden canoes and have several different styles: prospector, cruiser, guide special, and V-stern. They have several models of each of varying lengths built by a team of builders. Additionally they offer all canoes in 3 different qualities of wood depending on your personal preference or use. Visit their website to learn more.

Hellman Canoe & Kayak – Canadian Kayaks and Canoes

Hellman Canoe & Kayak has been producing these products in Canada for over 30 years. Each canoe and kayak is custom-made to order with a guarantee of quality workmanship straight from the Kootenays, British Columbia. It looks like they have a ton of customizable options on their website extending far beyond simply choosing colour. Visit their website to check out what they have to offer.

The Holy Cow Canoe Company – Canadian Kayaks and Canoes

Holy Cow Canoe manufactures light weight composite recreational canoes & kayaks in Canada since 1978. Working with advanced new age composite materials such as Ultra-Glass, Kevlar® and Carbon Kevlar® , all Holy Cow Canoes are built to remain strong, durable, and reliable, while remaining very light weight. They have even built some canoes used by the Canadian Armed Forces. Visit their website and contact them to find out how to purchase yours.

Kisseynew Canoe Co. – Canadian Canoes

Kisseyney Canoe Co. builds their canoes in Lac La Ronge in Northern Saskatchewan. Each canoe is hand-crafted using the latest in aerospace materials and technology. They build canoes for both recreation as well as racing. It looks like they have three different models for each type. Visit their website to check them out.

Kiwi Kayaks – Canadian Kayaks

Based out of North Bay Ontario Kiwi Kayaks produces kayaks made in Canada. Kiwi is committed to the preservation of our waters and wetlands. They use recycled unused polyethylene for the manufacturing process of their kayaks. They can be found in dealers across the country, and have even expanded beyond the Canadian borders. Visit their website if you’re looking for a kayak.

Langford Canoe – Canadian Canoes

Langford Canoe is Canada’s oldest canoe company, being in existence since 1940. They have a ton of different canoe models including: expedition, recreation, solo trek, sportsman, and classic wood. From cedar wood canoes to the newer fiberglass and kevlar canoes they really have done is all over these many years. Their canoes are made in Dwight, Ontario. Check out their website if you’re looking for a canoe.

Lone Pine Canoe Company – Canadian Canoes

The Lone Pine Canoe Company specializes in the repair and restoration of various canoes, additionally they have several canoes for sale at any time from various restoration projects. They are based out of Bracebridge Ontario. If you’re looking for canoe repairs, a restored canoe, paddles or other accessories visit their website and check them out.

Miramirchi Canoes – Canadian Canoes

Located in New Brunswick Miramirchi Canoes build traditional cedar rib and planked canoes in Canada. They really go in-depth on their website about the entire build process start to finish. They have three different canoe models to choose from and they do repair work as well. They don’t have any pictures in their gallery more recent than 2012 but it gives you an idea of what they can do. Visit their website and contact them if you’re interested.

Norquay Co. – Canadian Kayak and Canoe Paddles

100% Canadian made and owned they produce hand-made Artisan canoe paddles. The paddles are made with Cherry wood sourced from Northern Ontario and then finished in their studio in Toronto. These paddles are works of art but apparently people will use them for their original intention as well. They’ve teamed up with Abitibi to bring the same style an artistry to canoes and kayaks.

North Woods Canoe Company – Canadian Kayaks and Canoes

North Woods Canoe Company produces kayaks and canoes made in Canada. North Woods Canoe Company Ltd. offers a full line of canoes from 12′ to 38′ fur trade styles. Other products include kayaks, trailers, paddles, pfd’s, dry barrels, canoe parts, canoeing equipment, outdoor gear and accessories. They are based out of Cochrane, Alberta. Check out their website to learn more.

Nova Craft Canoe – Canadian Canoes

Founded in 1970 and manufactured in London Ontario alongside Aquafusion Kayaks. Their popularity has grown their dealer network across the world.

Orca Boats – Canadian Kayaks and Canoes

Located near Vancouver British Columbia they produce Canadian kayaks and canoes. They describe each craft as being a unique work of art, each craft is hand-built with aesthetics in mind. Contact them through their website if you’re looking to have something custom-made.

Paluski Canoe & Kayak – Canadian Kayaks and Canoes

Founded in 1980 as Paluski Boats they produce kayaks and canoes made in Canada, specifically in Lakefield Ontario. They have a few different canoe and kayak models as well as accessories to go with either. Their go-to material for their kayaks are is laminated polyethylene. Check out their online website if this sounds like something that you may be interested in.

Pelican – Canadian Kayaks, Paddleboards, Canoes, and Boats

Pelican has been producing Canadian kayaks, canoes, and boats for over 50 years using their thermoforming technology. They say they’re the leading North American manufacturer of Twin Sheet Thermoforming (TST) technology. TST produces a lighter, stiffer and stronger product than is possible with other manufacturing methods. They have three facilities in Laval and Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec, employing over 600 Canadians. You can find their products in outdoors stores across the country.

Seaward Kayaks – Canadian Kayaks

Seaward Kayaks has been producing Canadian made kayaks since 1986. They proudly use Canadian labour from their factory in Chemainus British Columbia.  Seaward developed the Self Rescue System (SRS)™, the safeHatch™ system, the smartrudder™ system and locking cockpit covers. These are industry leading developments initiated by Seaward kayaks. They have several different makes and models of fiberglass and kevlar kayaks including: single kayaks , double kayaks, skeg kayaks, and rudder kayaks. They have a dealer network across Canada. Visit their website to check out what they have to offer.

Souris River – Canadian Canoes

For over 30 years Souris River has made Canoes in Canada. They are based out of Atikokan, Ontario. Their canoes are made for trips throughout the wilderness and are made with duPont™ KEVLAR® fibre. Their canoes are made using epoxy resin, making their canoes many times stronger than the polyester and vinylester resins used by their competitors. Visit their website and contact them to purchase yours.

Swift Canoe & Kayak – Canadian Kayaks and Canoes

Founded in 1984 and headquartered in South River Ontario, they produce canoes and kayaks They are produced in Canada and available throughout retailers in Canada or at their local stores in Ontario.

West Country Canoes – Canadian Canoes

West Country Canoes was founded by Larry Bowers and his passion to create cedar canvas Canoes in Canada. With support from this family he was able to grow the business to what it is today. They have sold canoes all over the world and even had one of their canoes featured in the movie “ALASKA”. They have several different canoe models available, visit their website to find yours.

Woodland Heirlooms – Canadian Canoes

Woodland Heirlooms specializes in traditional birch bark canoes and as far as I can tell seem to be a single-man operation. The man in question is Richard M. Nash who seems to be quite the expert on the subject of birch bark canoes having conducted numerous restoration projects for various museums. Visit his website and talk to him if you’re looking for a birch bark canoe, he has been doing this since 1972.