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Canadian Maple Syrup

The majority of the world’s maple syrup is produced right here in Canada!  Though we could have stuffed this into another category, this Canadian icon deserved a page all on its own.

Canadian Maple Syrup Grades

Grade A Golden – the lightest maple syrup, smooth with subtle maple flavour. Used for maple candies.
Grade A Amber – rich in flavour but smooth and sweet. Used for pancakes.
Grade A Dark – a stronger syrup for maple lovers. Used for sauces or dessert toppings.
Grade A Very Dark – very thick, has the most intense maple flavour. Used for baking.

Grade A maple syrup is produced early in the season and is known for being lighter in colour. Grade A is the most preferred by consumers. Grade B maple syrup is produced later on in the season and is known for being darker, thicker viscosity, more robust maple flavor and more minerals.

Acadian Maple – Canadian Maple Syrup

They’ve been producing maple syrup and related products for 35 years out of Nova Scotia.  Originally started by his father, it is now run by the son. They also sell maple coffee and maple flavoured alcohols.  Check out their online store.

acadian canadian maple syrup

Bernards – Canadian Maple Syrup

The Bernard family has been making maple syrup since the 1800s and are based out of St-Victor Quebec. The Canadian company Second Cup uses Bernard maple syrup for two of their specialty coffees. You can find their products in Costco, stores or online.

bernard canadian maple syrup

Canadian Organic Maple Co. – Canadian Maple Syrup

A family owned business producing maple syrup and maple products from the Appalachian Hardwood Forest in New Brunswick, Canada.   Their organic certification is a guarantee that Canadian Organic Maple Co. Ltd. is 100% environmentally friendly and does not use paraformaldehyde.  Check out their online store.

canadian organic maple syrup

Cassburn Sweets – Canadian Maple Syrup

It all began in 1999 with the tapping of 150 trees and the Sugar Shack was born.  The Lamoureux  family now taps over 3000 trees.  They also carry maple butter and candies so check them out online.

cassburn sweets canadian maple syrup

Danbrie Farms – Canadian Maple Syrup

Danbrie Farms produces Canadian maple syrup out of Toronto Ontario. They believe in using maple syrup as a replacement sweetener for its health benefits above traditional sweeteners. You can buy their products at local Farmers’ markets or from their online store.

danbrie farms canadian maple syrup

Dutchman’s Gold – Canadian Maple Syrup

Dutchman’s Gold began in 1981 primarily focused on honey, but they also produce 100% pure Canadian maple syrup. They’ve won awards in 2006 and 2013 from the National Post for the best honey in Canada. They are based out of Carlisle, Ontario. You can buy their products in retailers all over eastern Canada as well as online.

dutchman's gold canadian maple syrup

Escuminac – Canadian Maple Syrup

Escuminac produces maple syrup made in Canada. They are based out of Escuminac Quebec. They are winners of the best maple syrup at Paris Spirits Cocktails in 2019 for the best syrup in the 2019 Innovation Awards category, winner of Great Taste Awards from 2017-2019, and several other awards as well.

escuminac canadian maple syrup

Fine Maple Products – Canadian Maple Syrup

They’ve been in business since 1993 and have been producing maple syrup made in Canada from their farm in Quebec for three generations.  They sell a variety of maple related products in addition to maple syrup.  Check out their online store.

fine maple products canadian maple syrup

Garland Sugar Shack – Canadian Maple Syrup

Garland Sugar Shack is a family operation producing Canadian maple syrup. They are based out of Ottawa Ontario. Their maple syrup operation consists of over 5000 taps, and in addition to 100% pure maple syrup they produce: Maple butter, maple candies, maple jelly, maple sugar, maple tarts, maple cones, maple popcorn and maple cotton candy. Available in their local area or purchase online.

garland sugar shack canadian maple syrup

Jakeman’s Maple Products – Canadian Maple Syrup

Established in 1876 they produce 100% pure maple syrup made in Canada.  Their maple syrup comes from farms all over Ontario. Certified Vegan, Kosher, and Halal, their Grade ‘A’ Amber maple syrup is the perfect balance of flavour: not too light, yet not too dark.  Check out their online store.

jakeman's maple syrup

Maple Roch – Canadian Maple Syrup

In 2012 Maple Roch began with 6 barrels of maple syrup, today they have over 100.  They are a family run business out of Summerland British Columbia.  They make every opportunity to employ people with disabilities.  They’ve received many local business awards for their contributions to the local community.  Purchase online or from the list of stores from their website.

maple roch canadian maple syrup

The Maple Treat – Canadian Maple Syrup

A 100% Canadian owned business. It all started in 2017 when 4 Canadian entrepreneurs decided to merge their companies: Decacer, LB Maple Treat, Great Northern Maple Products and Highland Sugarworks to become The Maple Treat. Their head office is in Montreal, Quebec. I first learned of this maple syrup at Costco, and was happy to find out it was Canadian. If anyone has found their products outside of Costco please let us know.

the maple treat canadian maple syrup costco

The Maple Rush – Canadian Maple Syrup

The Maple Rush has been around since 2015, based out of Whitehouse, Yukon. They produce traditional 100% pure maple syrup but also flavoured maple syrup, most notably: whiskey flavoured.

Martin’s Sweet Farm – Canadian Maple Syrup

Founded in 2014 the family owned Martin’s Sweet Farm produces Canadian maple syrup. In addition to maple syrup they also have several other products: honey (for which they are most known for), maple fudge, maple honey, maple honey mustard, and more. Visit their website to buy from their online store.

martin's sweet farm canadian maple syrup

Pure Maple from Canada- Canadian Maple Syrup

The family owned business was started in 1964 on St. Joseph Island, Ontario.  The family has been making maple syrup for over 200 years.  Old technology and modern equipment, limestone based soils, clean air, and healthy hard maple trees give them an edge, producing natural organic excellent flavoured syrup.  Many stores carry their maple syrup throughout Ontario, you can also purchase from their online store.

North Hatley Maple Products – Canadian Maple Syrup

North Hatley Maple Products makes many different things from maple syrup. They are based out of Prévost Quebec. Their product line includes: maple syrup, maple candy, maple fudge, maple chocolate, and maple nuts. Their products are available in stores across Canada, or visit their own store locally in Quebec.

north hatley maple products canadian maple syrup

Turkey Hill – Canadian Maple Syrup

Turkey Hill produces maple syrup and maple products all made in Canada. Their 45,000 sq ft facility in Waterloo Quebec bottles and distributes maple syrup all across the country. Aside from maple syrup they also produce: maple candy, maple chocolate, maple cookies, maple tea, and maple coffee. Their products are available in stores across Canada, and you can also contact them through their website to find out how you can buy.

turkey hill canadian maple syrup

Wildly Canadian – Canadian Maple Syrup

Wildly Canadian produces many different products from local farmers all within Canada. Their products include: maple syrup, cereal, fish jerky, apple cider vinegar, juice, leaf tea, nuts, dried fruit, and more. Wildly Canadian is found in grocery stores across Canada including Whole Foods, as well as other fine food retailers internationally. As well the Wildly Canadian brand name is trademarked in over 40 countries. They have different types of flavoured maple syrup including: strawberry, apple and cinnamon, blueberry. You can also purchase from their online store.

Yummies in a Jar – Canadian Maple Syrup

Lynn Murden opened Yummies in a Jar in 1992. They have several different flavours of Canadian maple syrup: brandy, butterscotch, cranberry, raspberry, rum, and blueberry. They also have other products including: jam, pepper & herb jellies, vinaigrettes, and more. You can visit their store in person in the Muskokas (Ontario) or purchase from their online store.

yummies in a jar canadian maple syrup