Canadian Made Guitars and Stringed Instruments

Find Stringed Instruments Made in Canada . We’re dedicated to supporting Canadian business, and Canadian families. Find Canadian made Guitars, Mandolins, and more here.

Alexander James Guitars – Canadian Made Custom Guitars

Alexander James Guitars produces custom guitars in Peterborough Ontario. He has been producing guitars since 2002 and opened his custom guitar shop in 2008. “Every piece of lumber is handpicked to create the finest sounding and best-looking guitars possible. Our mission is to deliver quality handmade instruments that exceed your expectations.” Email him through his website to be placed on the waitlist to have yours built if you’re interested.

Beardsell Guitar Workshop – Canadian Made Guitars

Making custom guitars out of Winnipeg Manitoba which are true works of art. They build various electric and acoustic guitars. They also do restorations if you’re needing one. They don’t have a ton of information about the business but they’re worth checking out, especially for something on the higher end.

Beneteau Guitars – Canadian Made Acoustic Guitars

Since 1974, based out of Ottawa, Ontario and founded by Marc Beneteau he produces Canadian made acoustic guitars. Each instrument is hand-made, using fine tonewoods. By working alone he ensures each instrument is made to the highest of standards. Custom orders have a waiting period of 24-30 months so just be aware of that if you’re looking to have something done. Visit his website to check them out.

Boucher Guitars – Canadian Made Acoustic Guitars

Boucher Guitars began in 2005 in Berthier-sur-Mer, Quebec, making Canadian made guitars. A local wood: Picea Rubens, commonly known as the Adirondack’s red spruce, is known worldwide for its exceptional harmonic qualities and is used for their guitars. They have a team of passionate craftsmen to hand-make each acoustic guitar. Visit their website to check them out.

Bounsall Guitarworks – Canadian Made Guitars

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Bounsall Guitarworks is a boutique producer of fine hand crafted acoustic and electric guitars. Constructing only a few instruments each year, every Bounsall guitar is a unique creation, meticulously built in Ottawa by luthier Andy Bounsall. Unique hand crafted guitars at prices that will pleasantly surprise you. Visit their website to check them out.

Coloma Guitars – Canadian Made Guitars

Coloma Guitars is the work of Meredith Coloma, she trained under famed luthiers Roger Sadowsky and Michael Dunn. She creates her masterpieces out of Vancouver British Columbia. In addition to standard acoustic guitars, and electric guitars she has crafted other acoustic instruments including: gypsy guitars, acoustic guitars with and without original designs for internal sound boxes and sound ports, gypsy mandolins, ukuleles and art guitars. Visit her website and see what she has for sale.

Daryl Perry Classical Guitars – Canadian Made Classical Guitars

Daryl Perry produces classical guitars made in Canada. He is based out of Winnipeg Manitoba.

“Perry guitars have a full, open sound with deep, well defined basses, clear singing trebles, and are exceptionally well balanced. They have a broad dynamic range and an extensive colour palette, and are capable of excellent projection. They are heard in many of the world’s concert halls in both solo and chamber music performances.

Perry guitars are made using well-aged spruce, rosewoods, maple, cedar, mahogany, and ebony. We work using traditional methods to produce a limited number of instruments each year. Our uncompromising standard of craftsmanship pertains to all areas of the guitar – structural integrity, playability, and all aesthetic details, but most importantly to quality of sound.”

Visit his website and check out if he has something you’d like.

Dragonfly Guitars – Canadian Made Guitars

Dragonfly Guitars builds guitars made in Canada. He has been doing so for 15 years and specializes in acoustic guitars but has also built electric, banjos, harps and various other stringed instruments. When he’s not building guitars you can find him touring around with his band: “The Rakish Angles.” He builds his guitars just north of Vancouver British Columbia. Check out his website to see his work.

Fiddletree by Otis Tomas – Canadian Made Violins and Guitars

Fiddletree is the work of Otis A. Tomas. He has been producing many different kinds of stringed instruments over 30 plus years but specializes in Violins and Guitars. He produces his work from his town of St. Ann’s Bay on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. He produces around 12 units a year so if you do place an order you can expect to perhaps wait awhile but it sounds like he’ll take the time to customize your order and make sure everything is just right. Check out his website and contact him to get yours!

Frank Brothers Guitars – Canadian Made Electric Guitars

Frank Brothers Guitars produce electric guitars made in Canada. The company is run by three brothers: Nick, Jon and Tim and based out of Toronto Ontario. Together with our lifelong family friend and a growing team of honorary brothers, we deliver exceptional quality and service to our customers.  Their father, was an award winning recording engineer who taught them the importance of high fidelity and innovation having been at the forefront of audio engineering. Visit their website and check out there three different models of electric guitar.

Godin Guitars – Canadian Made Guitars

Godin Guitars produces Canadian made guitars out of Quebec. Whether you’re looking for acoutic, electric, or bass guitars they make them. Founded by Robert Godin, and now joined by his two sons they’ve been doing this for over 46 years. They have six brands under the Godin family: Seagull, Simon & Patrick, Norman, LaPatrie and Art & Lutherie, and Godin. Visit their website to check them out.

Halcyon Guitars – Canadian Made Guitars

Halcyon Guitars are hand-made in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their guitars start at $1699 and are made from solid woods. They use both traditional and modern techniques. They have several different models to choose from so give their website a visit and check them out.

Hamm-Tone Custom Guitars – Canadian Made Stringed Instruments

Hamm-Tone Guitars is based out of Winnipeg Manitoba. It seems like a single-man operation and he has been repairing guitars since 1990, building his own since 1999. It seems he has had his hand in a wide-variety of stringed instruments from: mandolins, acoustics, electric guitars, bass guitars, classical and more. Visit his website and see if you can find something to your liking, they look incredible!

Heiden Instruments – Canadian Made Guitars and Mandolins

Michael Heiden began making instruments in Vancouver, British Columbia in the 1970’s. He specializes in acoustic guitars and mandolins. Visit his website and see what he has available for sale or inquire about having something produced.

Kornil Guitars – Custom-Made Canadian Guitars

Kornil Guitars builds custom basses, archtops and electric, acoustic ad special guitars all made in Canada. It was founded by Igor Kornilov, a Winnipeg-based luthier, in 1983 in Moscow, Russia. He moved to Canada in 2004. Kornil Guitars instruments have been displayed in international musical instruments exhibitions. Igor was awarded grants by the Winnipeg Arts Council and the Manitoba Arts Council. Visit their website and see if they have anything for you.

Larry Stamm, Luthier – Canadian Made Guitars

Larry Stamm is a luthier producing guitars out of Dunster British Columbia. He produces several different types of guitars including: Classical, Steel String, Irish Bouzoukis, and Mandolins. All orders are done through contacting him directly through his website.

Laughlin Guitars – Canadian Made Guitars, Mandolins, and Violins

Laughlin Guitars is based out of Vancouver British Columbia. They don’t have much in the way of details but produce: Acoustic Guitars, Mandolins, Bouzouki’s, and Violins. They mention various locations where their products are for sale at any given time, otherwise contact them if you’re looking for something custom.

MacPherson Guitars – Canadian Made Guitars

MacPherson Guitars produces guitars made in Canada from Penticton British Columbia. All of their guitars are made by hand without any help from CNC. They produce electric guitars, and bass guitars. Visit their website to order or find a dealer nearest you.

Morgan Guitars – Canadian Made Guitars

Morgan Guitars has been making Canadian made guitars by hand since 1985. Their family has a history of making guitars going back 150 years. They produce several different types of acoustic guitars in Vancouver British Columbia. Visit their website and check them out.

Norman Guitars – Canadian Made Guitars

Norman Guitars was established in 1972 and has produced guitars made in Canada since the beginning. “Each time you play a Norman guitar, you can be sure it is built of high-quality tonewoods and components, and that it will continue to feel and sound as great as the day you first strummed it.” Visit their website and see if they have something for you.

Nyberg Instruments – Canadian Made Stringed Instruments

Nyberg Instruments is based out of Hornby Island British Columbia and have been producing stringed instruments with over 20 years of experience. They produce Canadian made: guitars, Bouzoukis, Citterns, Gypsy Guitars, and Mandolins. Each instrument comes with your choice of a sitka spruce, englemann spruce, port orford cedar, red cedar, or yellow cedar top. After ten years of building, he still uses only solid wood in construction. No plastics or laminates. Expect clean design and workmanship inside and out. Visit their website and check them out.

Pattison Stringed Instruments – Canadian Made Stringed Instruments

Pattison Stringed Instruments has been creating one of a kind Canadian made instruments from his studio for over 30 years. All of his instruments are individually hand crafted including: designing, selecting all the materials, hand shaping the parts, inlaying and applying the finishes. He is based out of Wellington County in Southern Ontario. He specializes in producing guitars, banjos, and mandolins. Visit his website to order yours.

Prestige Guitars – Canadian Made Guitars

Prestige Guitars produces guitars made in Canada right in Vancouver British Columbia. They do source some components used in their guitars from outside of Canada, including some woods, and various electronics. They produce various electric and acoustic models. Visit their website and check them out.

Rayco Resophonics – Canadian Made Guitars and Ukuleles

Rayo Resophonics was started by luthiers Mark Thibeault and Jason Friesen in 2002. In 2011, luthiers Damian Jones and Josh Lafountain joined Rayco. “It has been our mission since starting Rayco Resophonics to create beautiful musical instruments that will provide a lifetime of musical enjoyment.” They are based out of Telkwa British Columbia and produce Guitars and Ukeleles. Visit their website and check them out.

Riversong Guitars – Canadian Made Guitars

Riversong Guitars produces guitars made in Canada. They’ve won several awards in design and business and have pioneered key designs in the guitar industry. “British Columbia is famous for it’s Forestry and being the world supplier of tone-woods. Riversong Guitars draws from our bountiful resources, Sitka Spruce, Big Leaf Maple (Quilted, Flame, Spalted), Walnut, Chillakwian Maple and Wild Cherry to name a few.” Visit their website and check out their work.

Ron Belanger Guitars – Canadian Made Guitars

“Ron Belanger has been a lover of wood and wood worker for many years and his guitar making began 20 years ago with the desire for a fine instrument for his own musical pursuits. In 1998 Ron built his first guitar – today he builds many types of string instruments for clients around the world.” He produces his guitars in Orillia Ontario. He produces several different types including: bouzoukis, 6 string, 12 string, lapsteel, resonator, and player guitars. Visit his website and check out what he has.

Saumier Stringed Instruments – Canadian Made Stringed Instruments

Marc Saumier began producing guitars in 1997 but he also makes ukuleles and uprights. He characterizes his works as possessing: good volume, exceptional balance from string to string and from the first to the last fret, very wide dynamic range with lots of headroom, and remarkable sustain. Most of his instruments are made with red spruce tops, cherry or maple back & sides and necks, and Eastern hop hornbeam  fingerboards & bridges. His workshop is located in Kingbury Quebec. Visit his website and contact him to have yours made.

Sawchyn Guitars Ltd. – Canadian Made Guitars

Since 1972 Sawchyn Guitars has produced Canadian made guitars and mandolins. “With this in mind I personally carry out each step of a Sawchyn instruments construction, from selecting the wood, carving and voicing the top, to polishing out the finish and setting the action. This personal attention ensures a high degree of detail is present in each instrument I build.” He has his own storefront with many makes and models available. Visit his storefront in Regina Saskatchewan or visit his website and check out what he has.

Seagull Guitars – Canadian Made Guitars

Seagull Guitars was founded in 1982 Robert Godin in the Village of LaPatrie, Quebec. “The concept for the Seagull guitar was to take the essential components of the best hand-crafted guitars (such as solid tops and beautiful finishes) and build these features into guitars that could be priced within the reach of working musicians.”

“All of our guitars are Made In Canada. Being able to say these words and truthfully mean it, is something we are very proud of in this day and age. All of our Seagull guitars are made in Canada from start to finish, by sustainably sourced wood from our own backyard in a controlled manner.” Visit their website to buy yours.

Simon & Patrick – Canadian Made Guitars

Simon and Patrick guitars have been around for over 20 years and are based out of Baie D’Urfé Québec. They do not sell direct so you will have to buy from one of many musical instrument retailers across the country. They are found in stores across North America. Visit their website to check out their stuff and to find a dealer nearest to you.

Sota Mori Guitars – Canadian Made Guitars

Sota Mori Guitars was founded by a man of the same name. He was born in Sendai, Japan, and raised in Calgary, AB, Canada. He completed schooling at Summit School of Guitar Building and Repair in 2015. He then apprenticed and taught alongside Instructor Sigmund Johannessen until 2018. Sota is currently residing in Calgary, and studies violin luthiery/ repair. Visit his website and check him out.

Timeless Instruments – Canadian Made Guitars

Timeless Instruments is the passion of luthier David Freeman. David has been producing guitars since 1980. He is also dedicated to instructing students on techniques to building guitars. He sells many different types: steel-string, classical, bouzoukis, and ukuleles. Visit his website to find yours.

Webber Guitars – Canadian Made Guitars

David Webber has spent the past ten years working as a guitar builder and has built nearly 700 acoustic instruments. He completes his work out of Vancouver British Columbia. Visit his Facebook page and check him out.

Weston Instruments – Canadian Made Guitars

Weston Instruments produces custom-made guitars in Canada. He has apparently repaired over 10,000 instruments. He studied guitar repair in England and Montreal Quebec but currently has his workshop in Kanata Ontario. Visit his website if you need guitar repair or are looking for a custom-made guitar.

Wilkie Stringed Instruments – Canadian Made Guitars and Mandolins

“Wyatt Wilkie has been hand-carving mandolins and archtop guitars since 1999 and served his apprenticeship with archtop guitar builder Robert Benedetto.” He currently produces his work from Vancouver Island British Columbia. He produces around a dozen stringed instruments per year. Visit his website and check him out.

William Okos Laughing Tree Guitars – Canadian Made Guitars

“Luthier, William Okos and ‘Laughing Tree Guitars’ specializes in hand-made steel-string acoustic, classical and Selmer-style ‘Gypsy Jazz’ guitars. We also offer 10-day guitar building workshops as well as complete repair, restoration and set-up services on all musical instruments right here in the beautiful Okanagan, BC.” He has over 30 years of guitar building experience producing over 280 different guitars. Visit his website and see what he has for sale.

Yanuziello Stringed Instruments – Canadian Made Stringed Instruments

Joseph Yanuziello is the founder of Yanuziello Stringed Instruments. He produces his Canadian stringed instruments in Toronto Ontario. He built his first guitar in 1979 and has been building ever since. He makes a variety of different stringed instruments including: electric guitars, resophonics, hawaiian kings, mandolins, archtops, and flat tops. His instruments are played by professionals and amateurs world-wide. Visit his website to see if he has something for you.