Canadian Made Automotive Parts, Tires, Trailers, Accessories

Arctic Son – Canadian Made Trailers

Arctic Son Trailers produces trailers made in Canada.  They are based out of Sebright Ontario.  They can custom-build trailers to suit your requirements from aluminum, stainless steel, mild-steel, or you can go with one of their standard designs.  They also do trailers for ATV’s and motorboats.  Visit their website or their store in Sebright Ontario.

Arctic Snowplows – Canadian Made Snowplows

Arctic Snowplows produce front-mount truck snowplows made in Canada.  Their snowplows are for commercial applications, constructed of 10 gauge hot rolled steel, and is reinforced with seven integrated vertical ribs for tremendous structural strength.  Everything is manufactured in London, Ontario.  Visit their website to find a dealer.

Bridgestone – Canadian Made Tires

Bridgestone produces tires made in Canada.  Their factory is located in Joliette Quebec and employs over one thousand Canadians.  Canadian made tire designations include: DOT 9B, DOT VN, or DOT XY.  Support your local tire shop to purchase.

Clek – Canadian Made Car Seats

Clek produces car seats made in Canada. They are headquartered in Toronto Ontario. They use 100% merino wool with no added flame retardants. As explained by Clek: “From thoughtful design to impact-reducing materials, all of our baby and toddler car seats and booster car seats are equipped with best-in-class safety features.” Visit their website to find a retailer nearest to you, or buy online.

Flo – Canadian Made Electric Car Chargers

Flo produces electric car charging stations made in Canada. Their factory is located in Shawinigan Quebec. They offer their products for both residential and commercial applications. As of January 2020 Flo offers the largest charging network within Canada having over 5,500 commercial charging stations and more than 6,500 residential units sold. Check out their website to learn more about buying yours.

Goodyear – Canadian Made Tires

Goodyear is not Canadian owned but they do have three factories in Canada: one in Napanee, Ontario and the second in Medicine Hat, Alberta, and finally there is a re-tread plant in Northbay, Ontario.  Between these three factories they employ over 1000 Canadians.  Only certain Goodyear types of tires are actually made in Canada those with the DOT 4B or DOT PC designations.  Visit your local tire shop and they should be able to set you up.

IDEAL Brake Parts – Canadian Made Brake Parts

“Canadian Made with the factory to prove it”.  IDEAL Brake Parts produces brake pads made in Canada from their factory in Guelph Ontario.  They are Canadian owned and have been in business for over 20 years.  Their brake pads are also 100% asbestos-free.  Use their website to find a distributor nearest to you or to recommend one.

Mallory – Canadian Made Car Care

Mallory produces snow brushes, winter car care products, and squeegees made in Canada.  Founded in 1891 they were a family owned business until they were sold off to a US company.  Fortunately their products are still made in Blenheim Ontario.  Their products are available in retailers across the country.

Michelin – Canadian Made Tires

Michelin produces tires made in Canada.  Anyone who has been on the east coast for long enough knows someone who at least knows someone who work for Michelin.  They have multiple factories in Nova Scotia that employ thousands of people.  Made in Canada tire designations: DOT B3, DOT HN, DOT M5. Support your local tire shop and get swapped out there.

Miska Trailers – Canadian Made Trailers

Miska Trailers produces trailers made in Canada.  They manufacture their products in Hamilton Ontario.  All trailers come with a 3-year warranty and come in a variety of styles: open steel or aluminum, enclosed steel or aluminum, and sport trailers.  Visit their website to find a dealer near you.

N&N Trailers – Canadian Made Trailers

N&N Trailers produces trailers made in Canada.  Their factory and headquarters is located in Drummondville Quebec.  These trailers are built to last utilizing hot-dipped galvanized steel to prevent any signs of rusting for years.  They have a network of supporting retailers across Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

Northbound Expeditions – Canadian Made Off-Road Accessories

Northbound Expeditions creates off-road accessories made in Canada. Started by two full-time service members they’re producing these off-roading accessories by hand in New Brunswick. Visit their website to check out what they offer and make a purchase.

Silverwax – Canadian Made Car Care Products

Silverwax produces Car Care products made in Canada. Their product lineup includes products for automobiles, motorcycles, motorboats, and RV’s. Everything is made in the province of Quebec. Visit their website to buy yours.

TMR Customs – Canadian Made Off-Roading Parts

TMR Customs specializes in the design and manufacture of off road builder parts made in Canada for jeeps, trucks, buggies, 4×4’s, sxs’s and more. They are based out of Newmarket Ontario. The business began with two brothers and their enthusiasm for off-roading. Over a decade later they’ve scaled their business and are now producing some serious off-roading parts within their own state of the art manufacturing facility with in-house CNC machining capabilities. Visit their website, they have plenty of parts available online.