Canadian Breakfast Food


Founded in 1989 in Parry Sound Ontario where it is still made. It is a family Canadian owned business. They make the best tasting, nutritious, organic fruit spread possible with 1/3 less sugar than traditional preserves.

Holy Crap

Founded in 2009 creating Gluten free, vegan, certified organic cereals that is 65% sourced from Canadian ingredients. They appeared on CBC’s reality TV show, Dragons’ Den in November 2010 and in 2012 the show declared Holy Crap being the most successful business ever to come out of the Den. They are Canadian owned out of Gibsons , BC.

Natures Path

Founded in 1985 in Vancouver BC, they are a family owned business that produces organic breakfast and snack foods. They grow and purchase only Certified USDA Organic and Canada Organic ingredients. Made in Canada and the U.S.

Stoked Oats

Founded in 2011 in Calgary and Canadian owned with the goal of creating the healthiest oatmeal on the market, all Stoked Oats blends include highly nutritious “superfood” ingredients including chia, flax, and gluten free oats. The oats are grown in Saskatchewan and the flax is Albertan. All production takes place in Calgary.