Canadian Baseball Equipment

Prairie Sticks Bat Company

Founded in 2003 and manufactured in Lacombe, Alberta they produce custom made wooden bats. We recommend picking one up with the Canadian Flag on the side. Go Jays!

Sam Bats

Founded in 1996 in Ottawa, Ontario Sam Bats are known for producing some of the best bats made from Maple in world. Challenged by a pro scout to produce a more durable bat instead of the traditional Ash bat Sam produced his first version in his garage. Notable pros who have praised Sams Bats include Barry Bonds and Joe Carter.

KR3 Bats

Founded in 1908 in St. Mary’s Ontairo KR3 Bats produces baseball bats. They actually started out producing hockey sticks. They have a long history and produced bats known throughout the pros under the Cooper brand. Operations shut-down and when they were re-opened under the KR3 brand business sky-rocketed for their bats.