Audio Equipment and Electronics Made in Canada

Anthem – Canadian Made Audio Equipment

The Anthem Division was founded in 1995 as an off-shoot of Sonic Frontiers International. They produce various audio equipment including: audio/video processors, audio/video receivers, amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, and monaural amplifiers. It’s hard to find information on these guys but they do have a video banner on their facebook account showing “crafted in Canada”, the same logo also shows at the bottom of their about page. Check out their online website to find a dealer nearest you.

Axiom Audio – Canadian Made Audio Equipment

Axiom Audio is a Canadian owned manufacturer of loudspeakers. They produce loudspeakers, amplifiers, and accessories. Axiom’s research laboratory and manufacturing is in Muskoka Ontario. Check out their online store to purchase yours.

BlackBerry – Canadian Smartphones

BlackBerry was once one of the premier Electronics companies globally but fierce competition changed that and they’re now trailing many of the smartphone manufacturers. They are a publicly traded company, but are headquartered in Waterloo Ontario. They still employ hundreds of Canadians to this day but manufacturing has been outsourced overseas to try and stay competitive. Their products are available online or in any electronics retailer.

Bryston – Canadian Made Audio Equipment

Bryston is a Canadian company making pre-amps, amplifiers, loudspeakers and more all made in Canada. They are headquartered out of Peterborough Ontario. Check out their website to find their dealer locations in southern Ontario.

Coincident Speaker Technology – Canadian Made Audio Equipment

Coincident Speaker Technology is a Canadian owned company that produces speakers made in Canada. They are proud that they have been able to keep manufacturing of all their models within Canada. They produce various Canadian made audio equipment including: pre-amps, amplifiers, and loudspeakers. All of the designs are also done in Canada at their headquarters in Maple Ontario. All crossovers are hand-soldered in Canada, all wiring is manufactured in Canada, and all enclosures are CNC machined in Canada. Visit their website to find a dealer nearest you.

EcoBee – Canadian Smart Thermostats

Though their products are not made in Canada, they are headquartered in Toronto Ontario and do most of the design work here, employing many Canadians. For right now they seem to be the best option for a Canadian Smart Thermostat. You can purchase their products from Amazon, and major home improvement retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Kron Technologies Inc – Canadian Made High-Speed Digital Cameras

Kron Technologies Inc is a Canadian producer of high-speed cameras. They are located in Vancouver British Columbia. The company began by David as an engineering student in 2006. He has a fascination with high-speed photography and noticed that the only devices available came at a high cost. He went out to develop his own solution and Kron Technologies Inc was born. Visit their online store to check them out.

Kronos Audio – Canadian Made Turntables

Kronos Audio Products makes turntables made in Canada. Their turntables are manufactured in Montreal. They have won numerous awards from their turntables. Check out their products from their website.

Hansen Audio – Canadian Speakers

Hansen Audio produces loudspeakers after “many years of intense research, development and testing in Canada.” Their loudspeakers are hand-built using their only designs for drivers. Visit their website to have a look at their various models and to find a dealer nearest to you.

LKPR – Canadian Made Headphones

LKPR produces headphones made in Canada. They do so out of Canadian Maple wood. They are headquartered out of Montreal Quebec. Back in 2014 they ran a successful Kickstarter campaign raising 180% of the funding they needed to scale the business. Visit their website to check them out and make a purchase.

Mapletree Audio Design – Canadian Made Amplifiers

Mapletree Audio Design produces amplifiers using vacuum tube technology. Each product has been designed and crafted by Dr. Lloyd Peppard and Dr. Al Freundorfer, both electrical engineering professors. They are based out of Seeley’s Bay, Ontario. Their website leaves a lot to be desired but check them out if you’re in need of a vacuum tube amplifier.

Paradigm – Canadian Speakers

Since 1982 Paradigm has designed, engineered, and manufactured their made in Canada loudspeakers right in Toronto, Ontario. Use their website to find the retailer nearest you or shop from their online store.

Pela – Canadian Made Phone Cases and Screen Protectors

Pela creates made in Canada phone cases and screen protectors which are biodegradable. This doesn’t mean your phone will break down over time as they explain on their site: the phones will only breakdown when in a compostable environment, and have a product guarantee to back it up. Check out their online store to make a purchase.

Plunge Audio – Canadian Made In-Ear Monitors

Plunge Audio produces in-ear monitors made in Canada. For those who don’t know what these are, in-ear monitors allow musicians to hear themselves while they play a performance. Everything is made in Calgary Alberta. Check out their online store.

Quantum5X – Canadian Made Microphones

Q5X produces enhanced wireless audio microphone receivers/transmitters made in Canada designed for pro-sports, entertainment, and broadcasts. Their systems are used by: the NBA, MLB, NHL, CFL, WNBA, X-GAMES, and ALL MAJOR NETWORKS. They are based out of London Ontario. Visit their website to find a dealer or to buy online.

Radial Engineering – Canadian Made Audio Equipment

Radial Engineering is producing audio equipment made in Canada, specifically out of Coquitlam British Columbia. They produce made in Canada: direct boxes, instrument pre-amps, switchers, load boxes, effect pedals and more. In business since 1992, the company is responsible for what are arguably two of the best direct boxes on the market, the JDI and the J48.  Radial Engineering employs around 100 people who are employed in areas of design and production. You can find their products at most music stores, I was even able to find products fairly easily on Amazon.

Resonessence Labs – Canadian Made Audio DAC’s

Resonessence Labs is a Canadian owned company founded by Mark Mallinson. He and his team produce audio DAC’s made in Canada. By keeping manufacturing in Canada they can ensure each component is properly installed to deliver a high-quality end result. Visit their website to find a dealer or to make a purchase.

Riverwood Acoustics – Canadian Speakers

Riverwood Acoutics produces speakers made in Canada, specifically in the Ottawa Valley. They contribute 72% of the build costs towards businesses within 150 km of their location. Using old-growth lumber from the bottom of the Ottawa River they produce speakers with acoustic superiority thanks to the woods density. Check out their online store if you’re in the market for a Canadian made speaker.

MOON by Simaudio – Canadian Made Audio Equipment

Simaudio is a Canadian manufacturer of various high-end audio equipment since 1980. They are based out of Boucherville, Quebec. This kind of stuff is not for your average household. They sell under the MOON brand in over 40 countries around the world. Visit their website if you’re in the market for some high-end audio equipment.

Serene Audio – Canadian Made Desktop Speakers

Serene Audio produces desktop speakers made in Canada, hand-crafted in Vancouver to be precise. Their speakers are very artistic using materials such as bamboo and leather. They describe their product as one between pure audiophiles and the mass consumer market. Check out the rest of their story, the process, and to make a purchase from their website.

Space Tech Laboratory – Canadian Made Audio Equipment

Space Tech Laboratory produces custom hi-end audio equipment which is made in Canada. They are headquartered in New Westminster British Columbia. They sell every type of amplifier one could imagine (most of which I have no clue what it even is), with everything available at factory prices. If any of this sounds like something which may interest you give their website a visit and check them out.

Tetra Speakers – Canadian Speakers

Tetra Speakers produces speakers made in Canada. They are headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. They started their journey by looking at the fundamental rules when it came to speaker design, understanding them to a core level, all before launching their first product. It’s now 20 years later and they have produced some incredible speakers which are even endorsed by Keith Richards. Check out their website to buy yours.

Totem Acoustic – Canadian Speakers

Totem Acoustic produces every kind of audio speaker you could imagine, of course made in Canada. Their headquarters and manufacturing are both in Montreal, Quebec. Their lineup of speakers includes: floor speakers, in-cabinet speakers, wall-mounted speakers, subwoofers, bookshelf speakers, the list really goes on and on. Check out their website to find a retailer near you.

Yorkville Sound – Canadian Made Audio Equipment

Yorkville Sound is a Canadian owned company based out of Pickering Ontario. They produce various audio equipment made in Canada including: loudspeakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, mixers, and more. Yorkville Sound manufactures a full line of professional PA products including mixers, amplifiers, active and passive loudspeaker cabinets and lighting in Canada, at the Pickering facility. Visit their website to find a dealer near you.