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ABOUT US – Made In Canada Products

Welcome! Our website is dedicated to helping you (Canadians) find made in Canada products and services. My wife and I felt it was important to support Canadian business, and Canadian families given the recent trade action brought against Canada. We were each born and raised on opposite ends of Canada and are using those years of experience to identify those brands which we feel truly represent Canadian values.

To make our made in Canada products list, it is simply not enough to be Canadian owned, or formerly Canadian owned, we believe products must be made in Canada. Other lists on the internet have failed to thoroughly research the companies they feature. We’ve found that the only remaining Canadian thing about these featured companies are the management team. Unfortunately, as great Canadian companies grow, many sell ownership who then move production to China. The companies we feature on our made in Canada list will not fall into these categories.

As an active duty member of the Canadian Armed Forces I’ve sworn an oath to defend this country. Some battles do not take place on a typical battlefield. This battle is an economic one and this is our contribution to it. Your spending decisions will affect the end result one way or another.

We have made in Canada product categories covering everything Canadian made: clothing, footwear, handbags and luggage, jackets, jewelry, baking, breakfast food, chocolatiers, coffee and tea, condiments, frozen treats, restaurant chains, snacks, furniture (including outdoor/patio), cosmetics, personal care, pharmacies, supplements, home improvement, canoes and kayaks, hunting, fishing, camping, pet food, pet health & beauty, pet stores, pet toys & accessories, pet treats, retailers, baseball equipment, hockey equipment, bikes, fitness equipment, tools, and toys & games.

Try to support local whenever you can, otherwise please use our list to help guide your decisions.

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